If you don’t want to see her,Just open it and it will end,Why stay in the company?

Private relationship is involved in official business,It’s a bit public and private,Although she is dispensable in the general manager,But it’s not justified。
What does Huo Yunhe mean?Deal with their feelings like this,Is blind,Or let her leave consciously?
This naive man!
Although she is a paratrooper,But also signed a formal contract,To make her pay the liquidated damages,There shouldn’t be,and,She did nothing wrong,I don’t want to leave dingy。
Closed door of General Manager’s Office,I don’t have a trace of nostalgia for her,Yangliu doesn’t even have the strength to complain,Don’t want to see her,She doesn’t want to care about him,Kick this lady away now,I want to invite my lady back,It’s not that easy!
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Initial results
Not much willow,The small carton is not even half full,Under the sympathetic eyes of colleagues,Walked away alone,For the table that has been used for four months,The desire to even look back-No hope。
The secretaries in the general manager’s office are all men,I don’t usually like gossip,But the warm and hearty Secretary Yang left silently,Still surprised。
They usually get along well,Although I often eat dog food and be abused,But it also adds a lot of fun to their boring life,They are full of envy and jealousy,Only did not expect,It will end like this。
Make people embarrassed!
Huo Yunhe is really jealous,DThere is still some work left in the city,Hand it over to the people below,He came back overnight,Just want to ask。
The moment I saw the willow,Surprise sparkling in her eyes,Let him change his original intention all at once,So many ladies and ladies around,It’s not easy to meet a woman who agrees,Before things are clear,He can’t draw conclusions easily。
But can’t be fooled!
He knows exactly what he wants,In all fairness,Lu Liang and his own conditions are on par,Even his age has an advantage over him。
They say that there is a generation gap at the age of three,He is eight years older than Yangliu,It’s almost three generation gaps,Girl now,Clamoring for freedom all day、As you like,Play is exciting,It’s a heartbeat。
In a word,It’s my life I call the shots,No one can interfere。


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