“If possible,I need to run a nationally renowned school,Various teachers and equipment,I will get it。”Qin Feng said with certainty,He also hopes to get some help from here。

Qin Feng didn’t dare to count on,Because he knows that Chen Taotao also needs life,No one will give it away for some words。
“You wait for me for five minutes。”Chen Taotao stepped down the wooden stairs。
“boss,Can this person really do it??otherwise,Let’s find my dad?”Yunxiang also knew that his family should put some effort into it。
Who knew Qin Feng shook his head and said:“I’ll talk about it later。”
Yunxiang doesn’t understand Qin Feng’s thoughts,It doesn’t seem so right no matter how,The boss below brought up the food。
Qin Feng also made some food first,Don’t really say the taste of this place is very good。
He also suddenly thought,If I introduce these from my side,Can it be done??
of course,I’ll talk about this later,Because this boss is also six years old
More than ten?
Who knows if people still have that kind of thought??
While they are eating,Chen Taotao has also returned,He still has a pile of things in his hand。
“This thing is all the information you need,You fix these things,Then build the teaching building,All in accordance with the highest standards。”
Fire protection is also in accordance with the highest standards,So that not many people can get you stuck,You just need to do it on your side,I will pass you through。


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