“I go!It turned out to be like this!”

See you for a long time,Qiao Tianyu never expected Raman to be David,This old gentleman has many characters,Controlling Credit Suisse and Rothschild Bank at the same time“Stroke left and right”game,And fooled the whole world!
the more important thing is,The entire Golden War, directed and performed by Ramanel, is so well arranged,No flaws,This powerful ability to control the bureau,It really made Qiao Tianyu amazed!
“Old man,If this is not the work of the Rothschilds and Credit Suisse,Is it possible that the British royal family and Prince William are a ghost??”Qiao Tianyu asked。
“British royal family and Prince William?”Raman was obviously taken aback,Some do not believe。
“I haven’t considered this possibility,Check why Prince William did this?What does he want to do?”
“I don’t know what Prince William wants to do,But I know that the U.S. can use military bases to cover it,This is not what ordinary countries can do!”Qiao Tianyu explained。
“Look at the whole world,I am afraid that only the two most loyal allies of the United States, Britain and Japan, have such great face.?and,Old man,Have you heard of the Arrow Cherry Organization?”
“Arrow Cherry Organization?What kind of organization is Little Japan??”It sounds like Raman doesn’t like those Japanese people very much。
“exactly,What kind of organization is that little Japan?。”Qiao Tianyu explained hurriedly,“Now I have some evidence,It shows that this is probably the work of the Arrow Sakura organization!”
“I understand what you mean。”Raman nodded and said,“**The three big vaults6500After tons of gold disappeared,You can’t judge the whereabouts of those gold,So I want to find out the truth with me,right?”
“Yes,I believe the old man would not want to see,Suddenly one day a big gold merchant popped out to disrupt the entire international gold market,Even threaten the absolute dominance of the Rothschild family?”Qiao Tianyu asked back。
“also,You reminded me。”Raman nodded。
“Since that6500Tons of gold are missing,Just in case,Originally scheduled for this afternoon‘Golden House’Rothschild Bank’s attack at the bargaining meeting must be delayed。”
“Check the whereabouts of the gold first,The recent golden war is too tragic,No one can say that it’s bad that the five major gold merchants in the world have all the gold in their pocket,In case the arrow cherry organization takes advantage of it,But it’s a big deal!”
First0256chapter wild ambition
“young people,What are you going to do?How to check the whereabouts of those gold?”Raman looked at Qiao Tianyu seriously。
“Old man,Do you think this is okay??”Qiao Tianyu said his plan,Humbly ask for advice。


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