Wang Shaoxiao smiled and took a bite of the big biscuits,Said vaguely:“Tell you a good news,She asked me to visit the park tomorrow!”

“Which she?”Lu Menglin smiled casually。
Since the day of the art performance,This fat guy seems to be very popular all of a sudden,The girls in the school would give pointers when they saw him,The courageous will say hello to him。
I heard that there are two other little girls who came to him,Said to learn to sing with him,It’s a joy to make fat guys happy!
“Of course it’s Chen Qingqing from Class 3!My angel,She asked me!Haha!I have to wake up when I dream!Menglin,You said what clothes I should wear tomorrow for a date?Don’t borrow the body on stage again?”Wang Shaoxiao is so happy,I can’t even close my mouth。
Lu Menglin is also happy,Chen Qingqing is the goddess of the fat man,That day there was such a big battle in the art performance,Just to confess to her。I thought Chen Qingqing was angry and left,Fatty has no chance,How do you know that Liu Anhua is another village?,Beautiful lady has an appointment!
“Do not be silly,That suit is okay on stage,Got silly to wear out,Just wear your usual clothes,Remember to wash your hair before going out。”Lu Menglin answered with a smile。
“Ok,I know,To make her like me!”The fat man gave a fist。
Everyone can see,During this time, Wang Shaoxiao has become more confident than before,And this is what Lu Menglin hopes most。
“correct,One more thing I almost forgot。I met Xu Hong at the school gate just now,He said Jiang Jinghong wants you to visit tomorrow。”Wang Shaoxiao slapped his forehead,Smiled。
“Got it!”Lu Menglin nodded,Secretly took this in my heart。
Jiang Jinghong, they did a great favor last time,Please move the Security Section,To knock off the arrogance of Brother Qian and Guanfeng Chen,I should say thank you in person,By the way teach her a few more tricks。
Lu Menglin sometimes secretly curious,What family backgrounds are Jiang Jinghong and the three of them?,How come you come to a small place like Liufang。
A girl with unique personality like Jiang Jinghong,Actually have such a crazy love for the King of Fighters arcade,This also makes Lu Menglin amazed,Sure enough, it’s a lady of different classes,Even the hobbies are so fresh and refined。
Someone gently touched Su Xuehen’s arm with his elbow,Hippie smiley road:“Squad leader,I’m going to do something tomorrow,Or extend the make-up time to Sunday?”


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