“Rose Beauty,Please pour me a cup of coffee,Remember to add more sugar,I like to drink sweet!”

Rose turned his head,Looking at Xin Zhao who smiled shamelessly at him,I really want to slap down。
See if this is human!
I am your maid,Or your servant,Instruct me to work,Aren’t you afraid that I will throw you into the sea from this deck!
And Xin Zhao saw Qiangwei’s eyes gradually become dangerous,For the sake of my own life,Xin Zhao feels human,When to counsel,Have to persuade。
“Rose Beauty,Really please!”
Finished,Xin Zhao directly bent over and bowed,That etiquette,As much as possible。
“Give me a drink too,No sugar!”Lena look at Xin Zhao with a doggie,Look at Qiangwei,Then said something。
“Ok,I was born to get angry,You said what a sin I did in my last life,Will meet you two in this lifetime!”Saying like this,Qiangwei looked back at Lena deeply,Then disappeared。
Regarding Lena’s mental condition,Of course Qiangwei saw it,But she has never been able to comfort people,Don’t know what to say,I can only stay with Lena silently。
Now I see Xin Zhao to persuade Lena,Qiangwei is happy。
But she is not satisfied,Xin Zhao’s attitude,It’s like treating her as a servant。
If it’s not for Xin Zhao’s physical condition,,Qiangwei thinks she must tie up Zhao Xinxin’s rope,Then use him to fish for sharks。


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