Qu Zi College Forum: Wu Genyan tells Taoist thinking and its modern significance

Mr. Wu Genyou, the Dean of the College of Civilization Dialogue, Wuhan University, and Mr. Wu Genyou, special professor of the Ministry of Education.

Xiao Tan Lin, the People’s Network, Changsha, December 12 "The main point of speech, bringing the feast of thought for the thoughts of the audience. "Thirty spokes a total of a hub, when there is no, there is a car.

埏埴 埏埴 为 器 器 当 器 无 其 无 无,

The chisel is like the room, when there is no, there is room. Therefore, there is a profit, there is no way.

"Wu Genyou quoted" Laozi "Chapter 11 tells the wisdom of Laozi" expensive ", pointed out that people in real life often value interests, wealth and power, etc., and Laozi has discovered from intangible. Knowledge, thought, spirit, morality. These things seem to be empty, but it is only able to make humanity into one, turned from strangers into a good community.

And "God, Water, Wan Life is Ofless, the Virtual Disgusting," The Walking, Whenever Tao "is that Laozi has summarized the highest goodness from the image of water, pointed out that it should be like water like water, there must be modest, Tolerance and other qualities.

Wu Guanyou selected "Zhuangzi · Xiaoyao" "Song people" "Song people have a good and do not turtle the medicine" "big bloated and no hidden rope", and the "useless use of" It is the philosophical wisdom for big use.

If you are looking forward to a philosophical perspective, the real use of happiness is to find things that are best for yourself, you are not exhausted, and play your potential to the extreme.

The story of "Breaking the Breeze" "Ding Jie Cow", telling people to do anything, must be highly dedicated, strive for excellence, and to the realm of the skills. At the event, Wang Qi, Executive Dean of Quzi Academy, to review the development of the philosophy of Quzi Academy, since the April 2019, has invited more than 20 people from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University Famous scholars, a total of online, 1132,000 friends in the line show a feast of thought.

The average number of participants in each lecture audience is about 10,000, and the highly evaluation of the society inside and outside the school is obtained.

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