In an exquisite wooden house,The gray-bearded old village chief is drinking tea with a cold-eyed man。This man looks like a ranger,The long sword worn around his waist is very important,More weight than the short sword in my hand。

I said, what kind of tea do you drink as a foreigner?Shouldn’t it be coffee?Of course I can’t say this,I said:Lord Village,I was the one who was selected by the system to single out‘Bob’with‘Tyson’Unlucky,But I regret it now,Can you borrow some guards for use?
The village chief said:No way,if so,I can’t give you the Warrior Medal。Then point to the cold-eyed man:This is Ou Ling,I spent a lot of money to invite the knights to destroy those two crocodiles,If not you can10Complete the mission within an hour,Then Oring will take over the next work。
I said then you would give it,Give the task to Oring!
The village chief stopped talking,It seems that the Warrior Medal is not as heavy as gold.。
Negotiations with the village chief to no avail,Looks like I have to think of another way。
Since these two crocodiles have eaten so many villagers,The families of the victims should hate these two crocodiles.。
I walk around in the village,I found that the villagers seem to know me,Pitying eyes,Do I carry on my head‘The poor man of task’A few words?Shouldn’t you look expectantly??Their eyes seemed to tell me the ending。
I found a pasture with lush weeds,The place where the sheep bleated,On a lonely boulder,The figure of an old man is exceptionally lonely。
That’s an old woman shepherd。She said her wife went,The only child was eaten by a crocodile while fishing。
That’s the loneliness I can feel,I think this game is a bit too realistic,Or the solution I’m looking for leads to loneliness。
I said I can help you kill those two crocodiles,But I have to borrow two sheep to use。
She gave it to me without hesitation,And told me to be careful,She said these two crocodiles are very cunning。
Then I made a hook from the smithy,I borrowed two very long and thick ropes from the grocery store,Yes,I want to fish,Crocodile fishing!
I found the ranger Oring and negotiated with him,I say I am confident,His bounty is destined to fail。But can you help me,Don’t let other players grab monsters after the crocodile has landed?
He said I misunderstood him,He didn’t come to help for money。
I said this is really great!
So O Ling wandered by the stream,He sees how I can handle this。
I tied two iron hooks to the sides of the two lambs,A thick rope is pulled behind the hook,Will it happen that these two crocodiles drag me into the water??But I really have no other way,No external force,I cannot accomplish this task by myself,But i can only do。
I drove two poor lambs to the depths of the stream,The water just passed the lamb’s thighs, but because of the lessons learned from the past, players see it as a taboo boundary。


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