“Defensive,A force suit,But for you, it’s almost the same as the black god suit,You can use whatever you want。”

“For attack,A Nianli Weapon Arc Cutter,This Nianli weapon is similar to Dun Tiansuo,It’s slightly better at best。But if you have two mind-power weapons,It won’t be that troublesome to hunt down the Thunder Dragon like today!”
Li Ming nodded,If two mind-power weapons are in hand,Escape Tiansuo flew away and attacked with the arc knife,Thunder Dragon Emperor is bound to die。
“These two things are the most important to you at this stage!”
”Babata waved his hand,Seedling of a plant,And more than 300 pieces‘Mu Yujing’Appeared in front of Li Ming,But I quickly took it back。
“Mu Yujing,Is used to assist practice。Don’t absorb the energy in the universe after you practice,It is much more efficient to absorb the life energy of the wood yoke,My storage is enough for you to cultivate to the ninth level of the star。”
“This plant seedling,Is a very precious plant life in the universe‘Mo Yun Teng’Seedlings。This Mo Yun Teng is a kind of subsidiary life,Very loyal,I will only recognize one master in my life。”
“Your teacher had a moyun vine back then,It cost him more than half of his wealth to cultivate that mowing vine,Saved your teacher’s life several times。But when your teacher was killed,Even Mo Yun Teng was killed directly。”
“Mo Yun Teng is very useful,Can be used as a battle suit,It’s better than any force suit,Can also exert a powerful force。Humans at the same level are far inferior to Mo Yun Teng。”
“The cultivation of this vine,The training materials to the constant star are all with me。Looking back, I will point you to let it recognize the Lord and then carry out the first cultivation。But when you reach the permanent star,You have to find a way to buy treasures to cultivate it。”
“of course,The most important thing,Or the secrets your teacher left for you,This is the proudest owner,Also the most important to you,Meteorite’s most precious resource。”Babata’s eyes widened:“These secrets,Some are created by the owner,Some are bought at a big price,Some were snatched desperately。Those realm masters and realm masters who can provoke every door desperately snatch,And now it’s all yours。”
“You only need to learn a little bit of these secrets,Enough strength。”
“Of course these secrets are not in the real world,I will build a virtual network for you,Then check it in the virtual network。Remember,Although you are now the master’s disciple,But it is not qualified to spread the secret method of our Meteorite line.。Unless your strength is recognized by me,Truly and completely become the master of Meteorite’s line,That is qualified。”


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