First of all,It’s a piece of porcelain taken out by Tang You。

“It really is enamel porcelain,Or official kiln,Tut!unfortunately!Broken。”Sun Zhidong hurts。
This is not broken,The difference is big。Say so!Complete Qing Dynasty Enamel Official Kiln Works,Auction market,How can you shoot a thousand or several million。Even if it’s from a folk kiln,Tens of thousands,Some people want more than 100,000。
but,Broken,Even if it can be repaired,Hundreds of thousands is the sky。
Tang You is about to speak,He was kicked slightly by Populus,Shut up immediately。
She knows very well,Brother Hu told her not to talk,Because she doesn’t know how to do it,Said so much wrong。prior to,Zhang Laogui’s lessons are still vividly remembered。
“Although broken,But it is not difficult to repair。of course,The value must be greatly reduced。Sun Ge,Give me a sincere price!”Hu Yang said。
This kind of righteous act,Undoubtedly praised by friends in the live broadcast room again,Constantly increasing attention。
“You are also an expert,I won’t go around。This kind of porcelain,Even if you ask someone to fix it,Which is one hundred and eighty thousand lives。Compromise!I have to ask someone to fix it after all,Have to earn a little,How about fifty thousand?”
Sun Zhidong keeps saying that Populus is an expert,But still have reservations。Official kiln works,Even if there are signs of repair,He is confident to sell in his early 200,000。
however,he does not know,This price has exceeded Populus’s previous expectations。
Populus did not speak,But nodded towards Tang You,Said it can be agreed。
Tang You naturally has no reason to refuse,Happily said quickly:“Thank you Uncle Sun,Just do as you said!”
Sun Zhidong looked depressed:“Can’t be like him,Is it called Brother Sun??”


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