Quest-why pretty women always match ugly men

Exploring: why beautiful women always match ugly men

Dr. Dugatkin said that female guppies were the first animals researchers had discovered that they paid too much attention to other same-sex views when choosing a spouse, and their competitive mentality led them to finally choose to look at themselves andDisproportionate spouses.

Researchers attribute this phenomenon to “courtship and herd mentality.”

  Dr Dugtkin tested 60 men and 74 women in the study, showing them pictures of strangers and asking whether the subjects were willing to date the people on the pictures.

In fact, the researchers also provided each subject with other subjects’ views on whether a stranger in the photo is attractive.

Dr. Dugatkin said: “No doubt every male and female subject likes attractive people, but female subjects are very concerned about the attitude of other same-sex subjects to men in the photo.Its significance is higher than that of male subjects’ attitude towards other women of the same sex.

“The study has not yet shown that female subjects’ gender-related conditions are rich, have a sense of humor, and are friendly and kind, and their appearance is secondary.

Dr Dugtekin said, “When a woman sees other women’s tendency towards a man, she may be driven by vanity and goodwill to join the competition, even though the man looksIt may not be ideal.

In short, the above research shows that even if a man only has the opportunity to date an unusually beautiful woman, it also shows that the man’s position in the minds of other women is high.

  At the same time, Dr. Dugatkin pointed out that this study does not show that women are too concerned about other women’s views in mate selection and are not easily independent. On the contrary, women’s practices are influenced by biological evolution.

He said: “The focus on other women ‘s perspectives shows that women are more cautious about marriage than men. From an evolutionary perspective, women should be cautious, because once the wrong choice occurs, women will spend morecost.


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