CNN About Taishan Nuclear Power Plant Report to Claiming National Nuclear Safety Agency public response

People’s Network Beijing June 16th (Wang Renhong) Recently, CNN’s report on the situation in Taishan Nuclear Power Plant has attracted some public attention.

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Ecological Environment (National Nuclear Safety Bureau) responded that, at present, the surrounding radiation environment monitoring results around Taishan Nuclear Power Plant show that there is no abnormal radiation environment in nuclear power plants, and it is in this level, which also shows that there is no leakage. .

Recently, the person in charge introduced the person in charge that "the increase in radioactivity in the No. 1 unit is mainly related to the damage of the fuel rod.

"The person in charge said that due to the influence of fuel manufacturing, transportation, loading and other sections, a small amount of fuel rods occur in the operation of nuclear power units, and it is difficult to avoid, which is a common phenomenon. According to relevant data, many nuclear power plants in the world have passed fuel Case is broken and continues to operate. There are more than 60,000 fuel rods in the No. 1 unit of Taishan Nuclear Power Plant. At present, the number of damage to the fuel rod housing is about 5 or so, and the damaged fuel rod accounts for less than%, far below the design. The maximum damage ratio of the fuel assembly in the middle leave is a completely different two things in the radioactive leakage accident.

"The person in charge said that a circuit is in the reactor, as long as the reactor coolant system pressure boundary and safety shell seal as a radioactive inclusion barrier meet the requirements, there is no problem to leak radioactivity to the environment, and the two solid barriers are safe.

In addition, for the CNN report, "In order to avoid the pile, the National Nuclear Safety Bureau approves the acceptance limit of the Tashan Nuclear Power Plant", the person in charge responded that this report is not true, the National Nuclear Security Bureau There is no approved acceptance limit for improving the radiation detection of Taishan nuclear power plants.

The National Nuclear Safety Authority review is approved by the Tashan Nuclear Power Plant, the inert gas radioactive ratio activity of the reactive coolant is used in operation management, which is not related to the radiation detection of nuclear power plants. The concept in CNN report is wrong. "Next, we will continue to strictly monitor the radioactivity level of the No. 1 unit No. 1, strengthen on-site supervision and environmental monitoring; guide the supervision of the operation unit to strictly control the radioactive level of radioactivity, strictly abide by the operational technical specifications to ensure The 1 unit is safe. At the same time, we will also maintain communication with the International Atomic Energy Agency and the French Nuclear Safety Supervision Department.

"The person in charge said.


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