The development of forest fruit industries in Junzhou District Zhenxing Country: Open Mob Motion

In the early summer, the persimmmon tree in the grinding village in the Dizhou District is already full of green fruit. In the early morning, the fruit farm shackle and his wife were busy in the Dadonggou persimmon garden, first using iron 锨 to open the soil floor under the persimmon, then spread a basket of organic farmers to the tree, and then covered with soil.

"Now is the key period of persimmon, it takes a lot of nutrients to ensure the autumn big harvest!" Kong Xianliang wiped a small sweat smiled and said, "In order to ensure the quality and taste of persimmon, we do not fertilize Flower big price to buy organic farm fertilizer.

"Kong Xianliang’s wife rushed:" We have the grinding discs of our places to export, quality must be standard, water, fertilize strict, in accordance with experts, especially! " "Director Lu Jianguo, Director of the Village Village, Mastiler, has introduced more than 1,000 persimmon trees in Daggou orchard, and each household has a tree.

In the past few years, this time, the villagers went out to work, no one came to fertilize management, the reason is that the persimmons are not sold, and they pay money, and the hearts of the fruit are cold.

Since last year, this orchard turned into a persimmon garden, and the persimmon tree became "shake money tree", selling money every kg, the villagers are happy, and the households will regard the persimmon tree as a baby to serve.

One of the Danshan grinding discs, a big, colorful, juice, crisp, far-known, more than 300 persimmons in China, was rated as a famous high-quality agricultural product in Tianjin, in 1998, was identified as a national geographical indicator product in 2008 . Kong Xianliang said that such a good grinding disc can not make money, fruit traffickers come to acquire, only give Yuan, this is calculated, plus the labor money, buy paper box, sell a box of persimmons, not only Don’t make money, lose money.

Don’t have already, the persimmons are hanging on the tree in winter, let the wind blow, although heartache, but there is no way, the persimmon garden is almost wasteful. Kong Xianliang’s wife recalled that in October last year, a big car entered the village colon, and the villagers were unbail, and the village Qingzhuang labor and some elderly children had spontaneously pick up the orchard, which is more lively than the New Year. In less than 10 days, the persimmons in the village were acquired, a hundred dollar bills sent to the fruit farmers, really happy than the New Year! "Come to the acquisition of persimmons is the Junzhou Green Food Group.

In October last year, they took home to hommelly, and 50,000 pentaps of persimmons in the village were sold to them, and each household agriculturally increased more than 2,000 yuan. Lu Jianguo said happily.

Farm Pain is new to right arm, only at home persimmons. He is particularly sured in previous years, because persimmons do not make money, this year is a smile.

He pointed at an empty basket in the yard. Wang Shishuang, the Manager of Jizhou Green Food Group, introduced that from October to December last year, in addition to acquiring 50,000 people in the abrasive plate village, they also acquired Xujiatai Town, Guanzhuang Town, Doufang, Duangzhuang, a farmer. Persimmon, the total amount reached 500,000 kilograms.

There is a long history in the martyries in the bidelines, the total area of ??the northern mountains reached 60,000 mu.

However, in recent years, Panshan grinding discs are unable to sell, the price is sluggish, and the price of the price of the Jizhou Green Food Group has acquired 500,000 kg, how to digest? A new agricultural product preservation center building in the south side of the Junzhou Development Zone is spectacular.

The low temperature premium cold storage, quality inspection room, deep processing workshop, including eight in the cold storage of Panshan grinding discs, workers are repairing and commissioning cold storage equipment, ensuring better in autumn persimmons.

"The first tricky of our digestion Panshan grinding persimwork is to export high quality persimmons.

"Chenzhou Green Food Group General Manager Lu Guang said," This agricultural product preservation center building is specially built for export persimmons, with total investment reached more than 12 million yuan.

Last year, from October to the end of October, it became the big camp of Panshan grinding persimmon refrigerated processing export. "Lu Guang introduced, in the 1980s and 1990s, because the market should be less fruit in the market, Panshan grinding discs are particularly sell-well, especially in the northeast, people see people love, supply, and later, the seasonal fruit variety increased Panshan grinding discs are no longer unique, and the competitors have increased, domestic sales have slowed rapidly, the price is very low, and the kind of persimmons do not make money.

The Jizhou Green Food Group is a large-scale state-owned agricultural product leading enterprise subordinates subordinates, which is established by the district government, and the macroba disconnects are unlocked. They can’t stand by, and they will shoot when they shoot.

"Panshan grinding discs are unable to explore the international market." Yang Xuecong, director of the office of Junzhou Green Food Group, "We have negotiated many times, and later, it is learned to carry out fresh fruit exports, we immediately Conversation with the other party, and finally decided to take the lead by this company, put the Panshan grind disc export Canada. "Persimmon is a fresh fruit, there is no export precedent in our city. Two certificates must be exported: Outbound Fruit Orchard Registration Registration Certificate, Outbound Fruit Packaging Factory Registration Certificate. "In order to let Panshan grind disc exit as soon as possible, we strongly support the export inspection and quarantine department, we built the export persimmon standardized plantation, hired fruit tree experts to guide the fruit farmers, so that the quality of Panshan grinding discs have reached the export standard, and obtained the exit fruit orchard. Register the registration certificate.

"Shishuang said." Take it, we have built this high-standard preservation center building in the Junzhou Development Zone, fully constructed according to relevant standards, and obtained the registration certificate of the exit fruit packaging factory.

"Wu Dongliang, Manager, Jizhou Green Food Group Production, added. Opened two gates, Panshan grinding disc exit all the way green light.

On December 16, 2017, the first batch of Panshan grinding disc arrived in Vancouver, Canada, successfully cleared, and was warmly welcomed by local residents. This is the first time Pan Mountain grinding persimwork to "Maple Leaf". Then, the second batch, the third batch, the fourth batch of Panshan grinding disacmon also arrived in Canada. In 2017, Panshan grinding disc exports reached 80 tons.

In the preservation center building, the workers are exporting a box of health vinegar. "This is not ordinary vinegar, it is a healthy vinegar processed by persimmon, very popular, this is the second tricky of our digestion.

Lu Guang said, "We processed persimmons that exported into the standard into health-type persimmon vinegar. The annual output has exceeded 20 tons, and the price of 15 yuan per bottle is 15 yuan. "" Acquisition of farmers and persimmons, on the surface is what our business is doing, in fact, there is a strong support of the district committee and district government. Last year we acquired persimmons, picking goods, paying for one hand, do not give fruit farmers, but corporate funds are limited, and the relevant departments of the district government will provide help. "Yang Xuesong said." The funds of the establishment of the Central Building are also the district government department to help the application items.

The government supports us, in fact, in order to help the whole region of fruit farmers.

Last year, the 500,000 kilograms of persimmons we acquired, with a variety of ways such as export, deep processing, more than 20 million yuan in fruit farmers.

"Wu Dongliang said." We just met the exporters well, this year, the export volume of Panshan grinding discs is about 250 tons this year, helping more fruit farmers to get rich.

"Lu Guang said firmly.

In the Sanlian Day, in the Dangzhou District, Fangyu Village, the orchard of Fangyu Town, a small man with low persimmon trees, let the fruit farmers are joy. According to the high spirits of Agriculture Tao, "This is a crispous sweetmon tree. It has been grafted with foreign persimmmon trees. It has become my family ‘shake money. Last year, the National Day is sold 10 yuan per kilogram of persimmons, and the whole family is very happy This year, I have to pay all the rest of the old persimmmon tree. "Li Baugui, the person in charge of the village, said that the crispy persimmon after grafting is sweeter, the taste is better, and it does not need to manually take off, pick it down, special To save a few times higher than the traditional persimmon. "There is also a big benefit of the crispy persimmon tree, it is a short, from the original 6-7 meters high, and suddenly dropped to 2 meters, we don’t have to climb high pick, and will not be broken.

More than a few years, because the persimmon tree is high, it is necessary to climb to the tree to pick, and the trees of the persimmon tree branches are crisp.

Now I am fine, I can pick it up. "Tao Jian smiled and added. Liu Jinming, director of the Forestry Science and Technology Promotion Center of Jizhou District, introduced that in recent years, the traditional persimmons in Junzhou have been unmarked, and the price will fall.

In order to help the fruit agricultural income, since 2012, a crispy persimmon tree species that can be directly fresh, and the district government provides funds to margin. As of the end of 2017, a total of more than 5,000 acres of more than 2,000 households were grafted in the whole district.

In the early summer, the head of the Agriculture and Forestry Department of Dunzhou District and the forest fruit experts rushed to the northern mountainous area, visiting fruit farmers, encouraging the development of forest fruits.

"The 19th National Congress puts forward the implementation of rural resolution strategy, the most beneficial is the people of the people. The forestry industry is a major leading industry in the rural areas of Yushu, and the director of the Dynasty, the Director of the Forestry Bureau of the Dynasty. The gains of the winner, "This year, you should make full use of ‘export, grafting, deep processing’ three carriages, let the mountains in the mountains become the ‘钱 树’!" (Chen Zhongquan).


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