“Since everyone thinks so,Then next,I think we should still have this need to do something。”

slowly,When these people all raised their heads and looked at them。
no doubt,Such a thing,In fact, it looks like,Deep down, I feel more and more,Actually such a thing,It’s really good。
And seeing these,at this time,Lei Yuan is watching。
The more so,While seeing here,Lei Yuan smiled faintly。
“Interesting,But now,I really want to let Wang Teng know,Offend our fate,What will it be!”
When Lei Yuan’s words are finished,The people around looked at each other,They raised their heads and looked here。
After all, now,These things,Actually, it’s nothing at all。
As for the next,What should I do,Actually just these things,It is very urgent for these people to continue to do something。
And looking at all of this,at this time,Lei Yuan shrugged slightly。
“Interesting,But now,can only say,This opportunity,We are just right!”
When Lei Yuan’s words are finished,obviously,For such things,Actually Lei Yuan itself,I don’t think there is any problem at all。
And now,Lei Yuan is in my heart,Already calculated。
Just next,Just take advantage of this time to start directly。
And Lei Yuan finished,Those around,They are looking here one after another。
After all, now,More important things than these things,You still have to start quickly。
And the others,Understand this naturally。
“Don’t worry, the owner,We will definitely handle this matter properly,There will never be the slightest problem。”


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