“In this series of cases,‘Blood shadow’The organization is almost always involved,We arrested and killed more than a dozen members of the organization,Several of them are not low in status,I guess their purpose should be in this regard。”

“Just guess?What does this mess have to do with Xiao Song?Throwing people around like a commodity?Are you saying it has nothing to do with Zhang Zhiqiang?!”Li Tianzhen finally got angry uncontrollably,Stand up,The grumpy started to wander in the small courtyard。
The instructor didn’t say a word,Take out a cigarette and light it up,Good news may turn into bad news,He didn’t want to mention this first,But the understanding of Li Tianzhu’s character,He still decided to put things first,Maybe the next moment‘Mane rat’There will be good news,That naturally everyone is happy。
One more thing is really good news,The instructor chose to stay behind,Li Tianzhen may be reactivated,But the superiors still have concerns,Discussing,Also waiting for the preliminary results of the Guangdong Provincial Police investigation,Fortunately,The Yuxing case has finally made some progress,At least prove the case from the beginning to the outbreak,Li Tianzhen was not involved,Just because my family suddenly disappeared,I was so angry that I rushed from Xishan to Guangdong Province。
in fact,One of the most critical things that made Li Tianzhu fall into a circle is that Wenhui was shot and killed,Someone proved that Li Tianzhen was there,Despite Xiao Liu’s testimony,It’s not enough to explain that Li Tianzhen has nothing to do with this matter,But then there was‘Blood shadow’The arrest of members,It made a breakthrough in the investigation of the case。
With the member’s account,‘Strangle your tenderness’Always keep a one-line contact with Ernst & Young,Killing Wenhui too‘Strangle your tenderness’One-handed,This clue is very crucial,The case handlers are collecting evidence while,Try to arrest‘Strangle your tenderness’,A lot of clues in hand,This person is still in Dongshan Province,Never left,These are all transferred from National Security,Naturally‘Pigeon’Do a lot of work in the early stage。
In fact, it started from chasing and killing Li Tianzhi,This code name has been acting‘Blood shadow’Organize external endorsements and news publishers,Extremely arrogant and cunning,Has become notorious among the investigators,It took a lot of effort to catch this person,But Skynet is back,Last night‘Strangle your tenderness’Finally caught,Xiao Yadong went there in person,It’s a matter of time before Li Tianzhen gets rid of the suspicion。
Chapter six hundred and fifty four In the clouds
The things behind these,Li Tianzhen didn’t know,The instructor also wanted to tell the other party in advance,The Shanghai Capital case and Zhang Zhiqiang’s extreme abnormality have attracted the attention of the superior,The instructor’s report on the investigation of Zhang’s secrets also directly played a catalytic role,Encourage superiors to resolve to thoroughly investigate all false rumors about Zhang Zhiqiang himself and his Zhang family。
The instructor didn’t stay there for the past two daysSZcity,But returned to the imperial capital,In fact, the night after talking with the old Baiyun,He was rushed back,From the moment he got on the plane, he understood that the Shanghai Capital incident caused a change in internal logic,It’s not very strange that the superior’s attitude makes a big turn of 180 degrees.。
A very tight day and a half,The instructor hardly closed his eyes,Respectively stated in detail to the relevant leaders about the poisoning incident in the East Guangdong Development Zone since the Yuxing case,To fight in the blocked zone,The final focus is on his trip to Xishan and the big case in Shanghai.,All experiences are objective statements,Without the slightest embellishment and concealment,Don’t make any comments,Everything is judged by listening and analyzing。
The result was unexpectedly good,Even mentioning the old case 20 years ago is no longer such a taboo thing,A new secret task force led by the instructor is brewing,No more than ten people,The main personnel are selected and reported by the instructor,But about‘Walker’The enabling of needs to be discussed。
The trip to the imperial capital where the instructor spared his life was also considered a rich return.,According to the words of a leader in private,Zhang Zhiqiang certainly wants a thorough investigation,‘Blood shadow’Must also be punched as soon as possible,Take out the results,Let’s talk about what happened 20 years ago,I’ll give you the bottom line。
“How long will it take me to get out?”Li Tianzhen finally stopped walking,He snatched the cigarette from the instructor and took a few puffs,A violent cough。
“This is hard to say,But there has been an important turning point。”The instructor no longer sells,I edited his trip to the imperial capital a little bit in my head,As long as it can be known to Li Tianzhi,All briefly recounted,As for whether Li Tianzhen will eventually be reactivated,The instructor didn’t mention a word,Something unsure,He never thinks。
Li Tianzhen was silent,I sat down slowly with a cigarette butt in my hand,Actually I was extremely shocked,The disappearance of Ziyuan made him unable to believe,And Zhang Zhiqiang’s monster possession makes him even more incredible,I thought he was the only thing he encountered,Or from the companion soul,Always regarded as the biggest secret by Li Tianzhen to protect,Except for Baiyun,Never let the third person know,And the chance at Liuyunguan is an incredible adventure。
But did not expect,There is a second person in this world who has more peculiar opportunities than him,Zhang Zhiqiang himself is extremely vicious、Brutal,Run into another demon,Wouldn’t it be more unscrupulous?The murder case in Shanghai and Liuyunguan is a good proof,For a time,Li Tianzhi has an illusion,Is this world changing quietly,Strange things are increasing,Including what he strayed recently‘Xi Lao Secret Realm’,What you see and hear is like a fairy tale,Absolutely incompatible with the real world。


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