Besides, there is also a broken diary,Useless,Just leave it alone,Ran directly to the World Trade Center。

Running on the familiar Wall Street,Against“Pig head outfit”Qiao Tianyu,Undoubtedly become thisgaiThe most beautiful boy!
World Trade Center Building 3rd Floor,“9·11”It used to be the financial trading center of Lehman Brothers,It is also the interview place for this recruitment。
1994year,Lehman Brothers just became independent from American Express,This recruitment is also the first recruitment after Lehman’s independence。
Therefore, the company attaches great importance to,The biggest TV company in America—ABCABCDo a national broadcast。
At this time the trading center is already full of various long guns and short cannons。
To know,In those days, it was expensive to ask TV stations for live broadcast。
Lehman can spend a lot of money on this big show,Obviously want to use this recruitment to announce to the world the return of Lehman’s king and their desperate attitude。
Such a grand scene,I’ve already made those candidates nervous enough。
They sit unnaturally in the waiting area,Body stiff,Sweat wet the clothes。
The appearance of Qiao Tianyu immediately became the focus of the entire trading center,Such a grand scene was mixed with a foul-smelling beggar。
e you kiddi
g me?
Everyone at the scene cast a disgusting look,I covered my mouth and nose and complained,Even those candidates who are so nervous,Also avoid it,For fear of getting the stench all over。
But Qiao Tianyu was welcomed by TV reporters,Cameras who are happy to capture the best news are aimed at Qiao Tianyu,I want to dig out more exciting news from him。
“OH,God,It turned out to be a Chinese pig,Made no mistake?!”
I don’t know when,Suddenly a figure that was so undue beating appeared,Yelling at the drake。
“Security guard!Security guard!Chase me out of that Chinese pig!”


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