In terms of Zhen Qi cultivation base,Chen Dayuan’s cultivation is at the beginning of the third rank,And Chen Xiu’s cultivation is the Fourth Stage Great Perfection。The cultivation bases of the two seem to be separated by a line,But the gap is a big realm。

Change to a general second-rate master,The claw hasn’t arrived yet,I’m already suppressed by this momentum and my true energy can’t show 50% of the combat power.。
but,Chen Xiu is obviously not an ordinary second-rate master,He is both internal and external,His physical strength is also the second-rate peak strength,In terms of strength, it is invincible at the same level,I’m afraid it is Ge Hong’s zombie body.。
Seeing this giant claw is about to fall,Chen Xiu struck out suddenly。
Under the blessing of Zhen Qi, a full blow out,The power is no weaker than the power of the first-class master,This knife is like a volcanic eruption,The extremely condensed sword Jin hit the giant claw heavily,Blast this giant claw apart in an instant。
Seeing Chen Xiu unexpectedly blasted the giant claws he sent out,There was a hint of caution in Chen Dayuan’s eyes。I saw Chen Xiu’s performance,He knew immediately,Chen Xiu’s strength is stronger than the average second-rate master。
However, Chen Xiu’s performance is better,Always second-rate。Chen Dayuan never believes,With the strength of his own first-class master,Besides, he is still a member of the secret realm sect,Can’t take a secular second-rate master。
Chen Dayuan yelled,Bow left and right with both hands,Left hand into tiger claw,Jackie Chan’s claw on the right hand。
Fist hasn’t hit yet,Chen Xiu felt that all he heard in his ears was the sound of dragons and tigers。


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