Chapter one thousand and nineteen Explain the funeral
Everyone’s spirits are refreshed,Li Tianzhen never said anything imaginary,There must be real dry goods,His original opportunity is difficult to replicate,But the vision is already extraordinary,I believe it will be very targeted。
“the first,Stop searching for kinship。”
Li Tianzhen said this,The meeting room was in an uproar,Old man Dong directly pinched the teacup on the table,Two white eyebrows stand upside down,This is the most important task right now,Although it has slowed down in the past two days,But stop and stop,Why?If something big happened to you?
“second,Contraction force,Strengthen the control of space fissures,Prevent possible big risks。”Li Tianzhen doesn’t care about Old Dong at all,Don’t even give everyone time to think,Plain tone,But there is no doubt,This one hits the point,After the blood event continues to ferment,The main force of the special forces is concentrated in the wasteland,The guard defense of the three space rifts is actually very weak,It’s just a fluke that there is no major problem。
“Article 3,I have been thinking about it,Also immature,But can’t wait now,I want to adjust the battle structure,Rotation training。”
This one is more important,Old man Dong’s attitude quickly eased,Even the old face showed a fake smile,He had this intention,There are too few practitioners in the mortal world,Core combat power has always suffered,But practice is not easy,It’s not an overnight thing,Since the training was proposed by Li Tianzhen,,He must have a way,I am afraid that the most important dry goods will appear。
really,Li Tianzhen’s next words did not disappoint everyone,Even excited,“Uprooting,Will cause immeasurable damage to practitioners,But in extraordinary times,As a last resort,If you want to treat it well in the future,It is possible to reduce this harm to a minimum。”
“The pill in my hand can do this。”Li Tianzhi is very confident,it goes without saying,Many practitioners dream of the extravagant hope of a higher level,Will soon become a reality,Especially those with a high level of cultivation,Got stuck at the bottleneck,Most urgent,Li Tianzhen obviously has this way,This is what Old Man Dong wants to hear most,You shouldn’t have been hiding,All attendees also waited quietly and urgently。
“I have repaired thirty-six war puppets,Will be issued soon。”
“it is good,This one is better!That Lan Ling,Didn’t you bring back another wreck from the scene?,Hurry up to the walker。”Old man Dong applauded,It’s hard to imagine an eighty-year-old man who is so unsteady,It can be seen that thinking about this puppet is also crazy。
“Just a few parts?”Lan Ling can’t laugh or cry。
“Suggest,The existing eleven combat teams were reorganized,Merged into six,Each of the six teams has expertise,Each team is equipped with three puppets,I will explain in detail later,In addition,Set up a special emergency team,With six puppets,A total of seven teams,All are combined by special forces and practitioners,No less than 15 people,The specific ratio should not be too wide,Each team must be balanced with light and heavy weapons,Fight against the wasteland,Every two weeks as a cycle,Each team transferred three volunteers and talented personnel to me for training。
“In addition,Without notice,Mr. Dong just give me a list of practitioners,Everyone’s time is precious,I will talk to you one by one in the next few days。”
Li Tianzhen’s words just fell,Old man Dong and Changfeng Gu excitedly took the lead and applauded,Yelling and dispense the puppets first,The atmosphere in the meeting room quickly rose,Only the instructor just smiled faintly,Li Tianzhi changed normal,Arranged so carefully,It always feels like I’m telling the funeral,Upset。
of course,Other participants were still talking about war puppets,This thing is definitely the treasure in the hands of practitioners,Gu Changfeng will have more experience the more he uses it,As long as the war puppets have their greatest potential,Then every puppet’s combat power can catch up with Zhong Miura,No exaggeration,Used not well before,That is too bad,Intensive training is very necessary。
With modern weapons and the cooperation of war puppets,Coupled with the enhancement of the special forces and practitioners’ own strength,The newly merged combat team will have a qualitative leap,A small team can even fight a big monster。
“Then there are twelve puppets?”After joy,Dong’s math was not taught by the physical education teacher,Pay close attention to the number of puppets,You can’t miss one。


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