The running water in his casino is all real money,Unlike the Li family, most of the real estate,And stock market numbers。

As for Guo Yingdong, it’s even more terrifying,He was young but made a pirate,It still controls the black and white of Hong Kong and Macao,It was at that time that it was inextricably intersected with the central figure of power in the capital。
Like years ago,Desperado thief Zhang Zhiqiang dared to kidnap Li Zexuan,Billion asking price,But I dare not touch a finger to the Guo family。
Many children of the Guo family are the only ones in Hong Kong、You don’t need a bodyguard when you go out in Australia,No one dared to move them in black and white。
Li Jiacheng said cautiously:“That’s why I want you to investigate secretly,You are personally responsible for this,Can’t pretend to be someone else’s hand!I want to know who it is,Can let two old guys fight with me!”
…… Chen Xiu didn’t know the port at this time、The two major forces in Australia almost fought because of themselves。
of course,If let him know,I really don’t mind destroying the Li family,He really doesn’t need to pay attention to the power of the world。
At this moment,But insomnia。
Not because of the Li family,But because of Ou Sheng and Wang Zilin。
At the beginning I saw two people like glue at the Peninsula Hotel,Like a good sister,He thought what Gu Rimou said was to scare him。
After the three of them changed a place to eat,He knows,I’m still too young。
Although the two women didn’t fight hard,,It’s a confrontation without words,Like the best sister,But they all vented their grievances on themselves。


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