Helpless,She still fulfilled her duties as a personal assistant,Took a look at the host:Don’t be in a daze there,hurry up。

Kelly·Hicks glared fiercely,The host just realized,Hurriedly step forward,To the reporters below:“Gentlemen,Gentlemen,Don’t worry everyone,Please come one by one,Each media can only ask one question……”
But no one cares about him,Reporters from various media still threw their questions to Chen Geng:What if Mr. Fernandez agrees?
Chen Geng shook his head helplessly,Reached out to the host,Signal the other party to give yourself the microphone。
The host just realized,Busy handing over the microphone to Chen Geng,At the same time a look of luck:If it weren’t for Mr. Fernandez to save himself,I’m messed up。
I saw Chen Geng took the microphone,The reporters below were quiet——See this all together,The host who just secretly rejoiced suddenly wanted to cry:You bad guys,Why didn’t you cooperate just now?
Chen Geng was satisfied with the reporters’ response,Take a look,What does it mean that a small tree can’t go straight without repairing,This is!When have these reporters been so obedient before??Can be repaired a few times,All of them have learned well……
Keep this pride in my heart,Chen Geng smiled:“I know everyone is more interested in my private life,Don’t worry about this,I will definitely leave some time for everyone to ask questions later,If I can answer, I will try my best,But today is the movie I invested in:《Terminator2》’S press conference,Everyone first cooperate and support,Ok……”
Paused,Chen Gengchi@bare@Naked threats and hooks to reporters@lead:“Good media for today,I can ask you to ask a few more questions later,No problem even doing an interview。”
Not only can I ask a few more questions,Even accept an interview?
There was a commotion among the reporters below:For publicity《Terminator2》,Mr. Fernandez is enough this time,I can even do an interview?
Chen Geng has not given interviews before,I even did a lot of interviews,But at the moment this interview from Mr. Fernandez,Obviously similar to those in the past《Time Weekly》The interviews of serious media are different,It is the tacit consent that everyone can ask some gossip、Even more privacy issues,Hehe……
If you can get such an interview opportunity,Definitely made a lot of money,A promotion and salary increase is absolutely nothing!


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