Based on the position to promote "double creation" and upgrade

On October 19th, Jilin Province Volkswagen Entrepreneurial Innovation Activity Week launched ceremony held in the "Double Creative" demonstration base of North Korea (Changchun) International Cooperation Demonstration Zone. The relevant dual-creation platform in our province, and the representatives of all kinds of innovative entrepreneurs are strong after participating in the launching ceremony.

Everyone has said that it will take this event as an opportunity, based on the position, take the initiative, and strive to promote innovation development, high-quality development, and help our province to promote the "double creation" and upgrade, and provide new revitalization for the Old Industrial Base in Jilin to provide new kinetic energy.

"The ‘Double Creative’ activity Week not only creates a good environment in innovative entrepreneurship, but also enables the majority of innovation entrepreneurs to learn new knowledge, open up new vision, enable companies to pay more attention and support, and build a company Bright Unicom interaction is much better for enterprise’s own development. In the future, Guoxin agriculture will rely on the advantages of our province, the development of organic agriculture as the starting point of research and application, transform traditional agricultural production system, industrial system and business system, Construct an agricultural technology system to help realize the revitalization of rural villages.

Yang Bai Ming, chairman of Changchun Guoxin Modern Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd., said. The Jilin Animation Institute has always integrated innovative entrepreneurial teaching and entrepreneurship practice into the whole process of cultivating talents, and is committed to cultivating various types of application types of cultural creative industrial chain.

Double creation activities will further stimulate the vitality of the province to enhance the "public entrepreneurship, the innovation", the college will be based on Jilin ‘double-creative’ fertile soil, fully excavate the advantages of the animation and television industry, and promote the construction of a cultural industry aggregation area with international influence. Establish a cultural industry industrial process system to create a service outsourcing area that promotes the development of the creation industry.

Peng Wei, assistant of the principal of Jilin Animation College, said. "We feel that Jilin’s innovative entrepreneurial environment is getting better.

Yang Qizhong, Vice President of Yatai Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., said that the province has expressed rapid growth of growth innovation companies through the support and assistance of all links such as office, production, sales, logistics, quality inspection, etc. through innovation enterprises.

"We will take this event as an opportunity to create a large health industry digital trading platform, focus on building a large health industry cluster and e-commerce industrial clusters.

At the same time, I hope that more ‘Double Creative’ represents the in our North Medicine Trading Center to contribute our strength for the digital economy in Jilin Province. "" Participate in today’s activities, as a "double creation", we are encouraged.

We can feel the high attention of the government at all levels at all levels of the city.

Today’s Jilin, innovative entrepreneurial atmosphere is increasingly rich. The development of the ferry innovation workshop is due to the growing environmental and talent environments of our province, benefiting from all levels of government to the development of enterprises. Future feeding innovation workshops will give full play to innovative entrepreneurial platforms and carrier advantages, actively expand more investment resources, policy resources, and provide more services to entrepreneurs.

We will continue to provide more convenient, precision, professional services for start-up enterprises, and make the angel funds, contribute to the economic development of our province.

"Deputy General Manager of the Safety Innovation Workshop Group said.

Wang Wei, general manager of Hua Da Tianshi Industrial Group, Jilin Province, said that Huada Tianshi is a private service platform company specializing in the development and operation of industrial park. Enterprises will take the two-day week as an opportunity to speed up industrial manufacturing services. The intelligent upgrade of the system, the industrial chain extension and value chain expansion, helps the entity industry innovation products and services R & D models, optimize the production and manufacturing process, continuously promote new models, extended the industrial value chain, and promote new movements and boom, The provincial "double creation" injection of new vitality, greatly enhanced corporate innovation capacity and innovation efficiency. Editor in charge: Kang Shiqi.


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