Datang Huayin Electric Power Co., Ltd .: Solid Preparation Welcome to Peak Winter

People’s Network Changsha November 17th Current Positive Power Supply For Key Period, Datang Huayin Electric Power Co., Ltd. is re-deployed for the energy preservation work, and prepares for the safety of winter and winter, ensuring power safety. Stable supply, protect the people’s warmth of winter and economic and social development.

Safety production is the premise and foundation of all work. The company organizes 15 grassroots companies to seriously hold safety learning examples, in-depth study of the Party Central Committee, State Council decision-making deployment and the China Datang Group Corporation on energy insurance for energy insurance, comprehensive implementation of safety production subject responsibility, strictly abide by the system, implementation Safety management basic measures such as procedures, implementation standards, execution, and procedures, "25 anti-measures" are implemented, and the safety production line is built to ensure the stability of safety production. Safety hazard investigation is a long-term, basic security management system. The company strengthens responsibility and organizes solids on-site safety hazard investigation, and consolidates the basis of safety production. Xiangtan Power Generation Company established five special rectification groups, establish basic management and rectification, hidden dangers of equipment and facilities, rectification, safety management and rectification, infrastructure project rectification, and clear the list of work tasks for each team, Batch action, Qi Head and enter the implementation of special rectification actions. Jinzhu Mountain Power Generation Combined with the actual production of "anti-human injury, prevent winter and spring fire, cold anti-frozen, prevent non-stop incident, prevent environmental pollution", to conduct a comprehensive in-depth investigation on the site, organize the maintenance team, the whole staff, "no The dead angle "hidden danger investigation. Jixian Energy Company conducts safety inspection on the site of the No. 1 unit B repair, focusing on the inspection of denitrite catalyst, furnace maintenance, standard electricity, scaffolding and seat belt, requires strengthening on-site safety monitoring and outsourcing team management, Strictly implement personal accident measures, ensure that the maintenance is busy, busy, and is in order to complete the maintenance before the time node, join the "big army" as soon as possible.

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