University “School Drifters”: Where Are They Drifting?

University “School Drifters”: Where Are They Drifting?

Xiao Liu is a graduate of Qingdao University. In the past few days, when many students entered the new unit to register, he started a short working career in Qingdao Beer City.
Xiao Liu, who graduated in June, has never found a suitable job. Now he lives and rents near the school. On the surface, it seems that he is still living the daily life of college students. He is a veritable “school drifter.”
In the summer of 2009, many graduates of Daocheng University, like Xiao Liu, chose to live on campus.
    School drifters “drift” on campus “School drifters” refer to those who are unwilling to leave the familiar environment for various reasons after graduating from university, still stranded around the school, and drifting on the original campus.
They stayed at the school for a variety of reasons and became a special group living around the university.
In fact, for the Island City University campus in 2009, the “school drifting family” is not a new term. The school drifting family that has appeared on university campuses a few years ago has attracted more attention this year.
The reporter learned from the major universities in Daocheng that many “school drifters” this year chose not to go home during the summer vacation. Some of them are college graduates who are waiting for the postgraduate entrance examination. The other part is that they have not found a suitable job.Keep files for students.
    Xiao Liu is a typical member of the “School Drifting Clan”. His hometown in Yinan should have graduated this year.
But it has encountered a job chill.
He told reporters that his parents were ordinary working-class workers and had little income. He would like to find a suitable job earlier and give back to his parents after graduating this year.
However, the work problem has not yet been resolved.
So he decided to stay in Qingdao this summer to continue looking for work. During this time, he always watched campus advertisements to find short-term jobs to maintain basic living expenses.
He said that if he couldn’t find a job, he was ready to go to the postgraduate.
Unlike Xiao Liu, Xiao Liang of Qingdao University of Science and Technology does not need to worry about his future life, because his family is superior, Xiao Liang is one of the most relaxed groups in the “school drifting family”.
He told reporters that he has found several units since last year, but he just feels wrong.
He is reluctant to give in to an unsatisfactory company, preferring to wait and see.
Currently he rents near the school and usually can use the school’s BBS, stadium, library, affordable cafeteria, and live a simple ivory tower-like life.
    “校漂族群”逐渐增多     尽管没有确切数字,但是据记者了解,进入2009年来,校漂的数量整体上呈现上涨的趋势已成为不争的事实,在中国海洋大学、青岛大学、青岛理工大学等大学Near the campus, students drifting on campus during the summer vacation can be seen everywhere.
The reporter interviewed several college students at random, and they all said that if they couldn’t find a suitable job when they graduated, they would rather be a “school drifter.”
The reporter learned that the proportion of “school drifting families” will vary depending on the college and specialty.
Relatively speaking, the number of “school drifters” in popular majors is relatively small, while the number of “school drifters” in traditional and unpopular majors is relatively large.
    The increase of the “school drifting ethnic group” has macro-level social reasons.
A person from Qingdao Employment Guidance Center told reporters that this is because the number of college students has increased sharply in recent years after the expansion of colleges and universities. On the other hand, under the great economic situation, the ideal job position is also decreasing, and the demand and supply ratioSerious imbalances have caused increasing competition in the society, which has prevented many students from entering employment channels quickly and smoothly, leaving a large number of students stranded in schools.
However, there are many deep psychological factors for individual students.
Wang Guomei, vice chairman of the Qingdao Youth Psychology Research Association, said that most of the “school drifters” did not have a clear self-positioning during college, and had unrealistic illusions about the future.
Most of the school drifters are still talking about their future and still have a longing for the future. After encountering the cruelty of reality, they would rather stay in a relatively quiet and warm campus. It seems that this way they can avoid social competition and disturbance.
The huge gap between ideals and reality has become an important incentive for college graduates to still choose to be “school drifters.”
She said that the increase in the phenomenon of “school drift” more shows the psychological alienation of many college graduates at the same time. At the same time, it also shows to some extent that children are exposed after employment competition in the market economy era has intensified.Fragile personality.
    “漂”不该成为常态     在经济形势低迷时期,选择留在学校附近,养精蓄锐,以利再“战”,对于大学毕业生来说,不失为一个好的选择,但是,专家提醒,大学Graduates should not “float” for too long, nor should they become a normal state of life.
    Another “school drifter” Wang Xin spoke to reporters about the many school drifters, he told reporters that he didn’t particularly want to do school drifting for a long time.
After minoring in general psychology, he said with worry: “Half a year to a year is a deadline. If you exceed this deadline, it will cause a great negative psychological impact.
Wang Guomei said that the “school drifting group” should put the period of adaptation and buffer in society in schools, and take a moment to reflect on themselves and plan for the future, which deserves to be encouraged and encouraged.
However, she reminded that the university campus is still a relatively closed environment after all, and there is less connection with the society. Although the simple environment is helpful to relieve the pressure, from the living conditions of the “school drifting family”, their interpersonal relationshipRelatively singular, lacking the necessary communication and a wide range of communication activities, it is very easy to produce a sense of isolation, leading to anxiety and even depression.
At the same time, the “school drift” phenomenon more or less reflects the psychological status of some students still unable to accept the society and integrate into society.
Therefore, she said that students floating in the school must realize that “bleaching” is only a transitional period. Do not consider “floating” as a “safe haven” to evade social reality and social responsibility.Self-confidence. When you reach a certain point, you must overcome yourself and be brave to accept social challenges.
    Four “School Drifting Races” Learning Type: This includes two types, the postgraduate and study abroad races. This is the main force of the school drifting race.
Some of the graduate students are really passionate about their majors and hope to continue their studies, while others use the graduate students to avoid employment peaks.
Students studying abroad use the summer vacation to stay near the school and take foreign language tuition classes in preparation for going abroad.Or some students are already waiting for the result of the visa or preparing for the “school drift” of the visa is relatively easy.

    ”Near the water tower” type: The school is a place where various types of information meet. Many students who did not find a good job before graduation choose to stay near the school and use the experience to prepare for a summer vacation to seize the opportunity.

    Sojourner: Some fellow scholars are wealthy and unwilling to face the pressure of choosing a job. They are pessimistic about the future of the workplace. By living in the surroundings of the school, they will continue to live on campus without worry.

    Entrepreneurial type: There is also a small number of special “school drifters” who have chosen to give up their majors and try to open a shop around the school, run a small business and enjoy life.


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