“Our normal people will feel very laborious in the darkness.,We look from the traces left by footprints and around,The traces of footprints and boxes are not messy,Look at the footprint to prove that this person moves very fast,Normal people can’t do this in the darkness。”Chen Jiaying said,

“If he holds a lighting tool in his hand??”Jiu An Xiji asked,
“If he holds a lighting tool, he will not leave these traces.!Do you touch the surrounding container with your hand??”
Shen Tian You do not ask for a question:“Miss Chen said,But this is too strange.,It is obvious that when he entered the warehouse, I don’t know where.!Then how did he find something??”
“Yes,He should think that things are looking for it here in the 2nd warehouse.,I went to No. 1 warehouse without finding.,If he is very easy to find something,And this person is very strong to take things away.。”Chen Jiaying said,
“It’s too incredible.!”Because I saw Chen Jiaying from the scene, I was authorized.,Since it is a task force, there is also a case,But this is a conclusion that a blind is or let them accept。
“I am just inferred from traces.,Specifically, the crime is also required to verify,Perhaps this person is before the blind people can see it now.。”Chen Jiaying said,
“This statement is reasonable.!A long-term blind person can see the blind survival of people who have been cultivated for many years.,Miss Chen,I hope you give us a detailed report.。”Shen Tian said,
“Can,I can help you is these,There are still many things that I have to do, first.。”
Chen Jiaying gone,Shen Tian Youmen said:“Fortunately, Xi Yi shows, give us this trace expert.,Otherwise, we really ignore a lot of things.。”
“Deep Fitian Leader,Do you believe she said it?”Jiu An Xiji asked,
“She said why do not believe well-founded,However, people who commit crimes are very familiar in the dark activities.,He moved in the darkness actually did not issue any sound.,I have to know that there is a guarded soldier at the time in the second warehouse.。”
“I am very reasonable to say that Chen Jiaying said.,Because even if they can not hear some movement,It is not that there is a lot of wind in the night.。”Detective clear water,
“The riverside wind is very common,At that time they thought that the wires are hung up in the wind,So we did not pay attention。”Shen Tian Youmen said,
“Deep Fitian Leader,Then how do we check it next??”
NS399chapter We must assassinate Wang Tianwu
The treasure to the hand is lost to make Yun Ren very annoyed,He is the order task force to detect this case.,Let them be sure to give things back,So Shen Tian Youmen and Jiu Anjun Xiu, what should I do in place?。
“We have to check from the head,Look at Chinese people who know something in our hands,Because this is a planned actions,Chen Jiaying said that only one person entered a warehouse committed crime.,But there is definitely someone to meet,At least there is a personal cutting wire。”Kazuo Shimizu said.,
“Shimizu said the inspector on,Our next task is to immediately find all the insiders。”Shen Tian Youmen said,
Shen Tian Youmen took a task force to take the train to Hangzhou.,Because there are several innators in this city。
Chen Jiaying returned to the pharmacy on the road, just sigh,Because she didn’t expect rude, there is such a skill.,This is a good misleading these devils。
At this moment, the Rui Rui, who is in Sato, is pleased.,They first said the ruling Tianjin station,Wang Tianmu should have given the information.,I told them that some military agent’s contact is made to try a special class.。
At the same time, Wang Tianmu has also promised to pay attention to the contact of the military.,I tried to find a former belongings.。
“Long pool,We went to the two poisoning factories that have been in the event today.,From the most recent case, it is a group of people.,And it looks older,Because the nearest drug factory,They all have preparation or attacked,Drugs are all burn,What do you think about this??”Sato question,
“Is this a vicious competition between drug factories??”
Seeing a little interest in this, there is no interest in this matter.,Sato question:“Long pool,Do you have nothing to do??”
“Almost all of these drugs are gangdi,Is it not normal for the sake of the land and interest??”
“It seems that the long poisonous factory in Tianjin is not known.。”
“Almost no poisonous factory in Shanghai,Mr. I see Mr. I will transport the finished product.,Shanghai’s drug dealers buy back to drugs through various ways to sell it.,Tianjin, I really don’t understand it.。”
“Since the long pavilion is not very understanding of this,let it go。”Sato saw that the pool is hunger, don’t want to manage this.,
“It’s ok,If the special class needs, I can help it.,Anyway, there is nothing today.。”
“That’s great,There are four poisonies attacked.,I heard that the long pool is a trace expert who can help us go to the scene.?”
“What is nothing?,Let it go。”
Sato Maji took a team of gendarmer to poisonous factories,After the survey, he said after the scene.:“I think there are two possibilities.,You first ask the big boss, no hate,Do not rule out this is a retalious aircraft fire,Second, the tri-drug,After all, many Chinese people who have died of drugs.。”
“Long pool,How do I feel that the people in action?,They seem to have no trace every time.,Because we often do things recently.,But didn’t play a point。”


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