I haven’t expired yet.,Just brought a bottle on the geese,Just, they taking advantage of everyone’s attention,On Emeille and Shaolin,Sneese a few people’s poison,Unfortunately, it is immediately pressed.……

Chu Deirers think of a thing:“Phrase,Are you saying that it is,Chen Lone Wilder, the number of roads,some‘Qi’Technique?”
It seems to ask Wang Yin,However, the Chu Deirers didn’t say it to it.,What seem to be trying to……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 635 Suicide
Don’t listen to the words of Chu Deirers,Struggling stretching out neck,Look at Chen Shanli,The latter is obviously evasive,I want to turn my head.,However, this time is already maintained by An Cave.,Where can I hide??
“You are……It’s you?Three brothers?”I can’t say something like it.。
“It turns out that you are still alive.?”Say that behind the surprises,Also lamented and deplore,Emotion is very entangled。
“good,Are you very disappointed??”Chen Shanle saw that it has exposed,Sorctivity reveals the face。
I can’t talk about it yet.,Zuro asked:“Can’t say,He is the animal that you call the year.?Adultery,That’s that you are angry.?”
Can’t say:!!!
Do you want to be poisoned?,Saying that it is necessary to fight with surgery……
“What do you ign??He wore you a green hat,You will find your own brothers.?”There is no door to the door.。
Originally the Chu Deirers thought he was a pleasant,I didn’t expect to see that this is hard to be angry.……Be like it is true?
“OK!It turns out that you and Chengkun collision,I want to be hurt in each faction and Mingjiao.,Do you revenge for you??”When the elderly, I kicked a foot according to the stomach of Chen Lankan.。
“Be right,Don’t always be in Nanyang Organization,He is a stinky,Naturally, there is no chance to revenge。”
“I said that there is no good thing.,I don’t think there is any other reason.!”
“How can they have a tragic breeze??Is it still collusion with a dining hall??”
Thirty-six cave、Seventy-two island is also,Star Haizi is also,It is very experience in this regard——As long as you start,Immediately all kinds of hats and silence。
Wu Changfeng was anxious:“Tall!This release is clearly in Wuxi.,We grab it from a dining hall.!Why is you?‘Hurricane’?”
But at all, don’t have to remind the Chu Deirers.,A big gang,Continue to jade him, he doesn’t want his face.——Is that they grab??Obviously, Chu League is the master and Qiao Tianshan saves them.,Being a few bottles of antidics!
Wu Changfeng saw himself said himself.,Into my knowing,and……Double lips,I have to bother。
“enough!Don’t be so excited,I believe in except for a few martial arts,Yes, it is more collision with Yunyuan.,Most martial arts,It is also quieted、Victim。”
Chu Deirers said,Specially looked at the direction of Shaolin and gangs,Then continue:“Everyone is best to recall.,Who and Chengkun、It is also the round of Shaolin.,I have got a practical evidence.,Cheng Kun is not only related to the death of the Yangtze Lord,and……Effective motivation!
Combined with the championship of the dog legs before,It is undoubtedly this person is in which the needle lead is undoubted.!”
“what?Yangcheng Lord has……Also related to Chengkun?Not purple……Cough,Chu Lee,What do you mean by this??”Iron crown people asked at this time。
Originally teacup,Because it is also poisonous,And the Chu Deirens did not take the initiative to detoxify it.,So some blocked in my heart,No one takes care of Chu Deirers,But at this time, you can’t take care of this.。
I saw Xiao Zhao at this time.《Moving a big move》Sheepskin roll,And fold the previous part of the work,Placed in Yang Yizhi:“Yangzhi’s suicide note,Has been in Chu Da Brother and I found it,Yang Zuo can verify。”
Suddenly there is a sudden appearance of beautiful Xiao Zhao,Yang Yi and others are also awkward——After all, she is bright on the top of her bright.,and……Do not grow like this!
Yang Xiao saw a few eyes, she reluctantly moved her neck.:“Be right,Be a teaching《Moving a big move》Be right……Among them, there is a head of the Yangtze Lord.?”
“good,Yangcheng Lord watches into the devil,Dead in the midway,This is the suicide note of the Yangcheng Lord!Just this matter……Reputation of Guanyang,Something still doesn’t look good。”
Xiao Zhao finished,Several island main cave“Rude”,Yang Xia、Wei Laughter、Yin Tianzheng、Wuki people also have Zhuang,Alone,The content of this letter,Obviously not suitable for public——Yangding sky is not hoped,The whole teaching knows that he has been wearing a green hat.?
“hateful!Chengkun this dog thief dare……”
“Poor Yangzhi master hero!”
“Thank a three brothers selected by Yangtze?pity……Chengkun dog thief is in order to report,So, I have suffered the family.!”


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