Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

Give yourself something?
To understand the situation?
Chen Hongjun didn’t know what could happen to him. Comrades from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs personally came to Haizhou from the capital to find out about him.,I don’t even know what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will give me,But since they have come here,Call to find yourself,Then there must be something,Fortunately, it doesn’t look like a bad thing。
Chen Hongjun took a deep breath,Salute to Li Xueshan:“Report chief,As long as I know、Not involving military secrets,I must truthfully report to the comrades of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs。”
Li Xueshan nodded approvingly,This signaled the two comrades from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to speak。
“Comrade Chen Hongjun, right?,Hello there,Don’t be nervous,”The two men and women who appeared in the office of the director of the political department of the military region are obviously not soldiers.,With a smile on his face,Talking gay,Passing his work permit to Chen Geng while speaking:“My name is Fang Huaying,This is my identification,Take a look。”
With Director Li Xueshan’s promise,Chen Hongjun took a symbolic look and returned his ID to the other party,Nodded:“Hello, Comrade Fang Huaying,What do you want to know?”
“That’s it,Your brother to your father、That is, how much do you know about your uncle’s house?Have they contacted you or your father over the years?Do you know their current situation?”
Fang Huaying’s voice just fell,Li Xiaolan smiled and said:“Comrade Chen Hongjun,Is such that,Our comrades in america,Inadvertently came into contact with the descendants of your uncle,That is your cousin’s son。So some situations must be checked with you。”
“Really?!”Chen Hongjun’s eyes rounded fiercely,Vibrato:“You mean……says……”
“Yes,They are now in the US,”Li Xiaolan nodded:“But there is a bad situation to tell you,Your uncle and your cousin and his wife have passed away,Now only their son is left,Your little nephew is called Chen Geng……”
Chen Geng?!
What did Li Xiaolan say below,Chen Hongjun can’t hear it at all,He has only one thought in his mind:Chen Geng……Same as my son’s name……
Very strange,Obviously there is no information about the uncle’s family in my memory,It stands to reason that the uncle’s family is pure stranger to himself,But why did you hear this name,My heart hurts so much?Heartache is like a knife?Where did this heart-wrenching feeling come from??
This is like a tide、The pain that caught people off guard came quickly,It goes as fast as the low tide,Chen Hongjun tried his best to adjust his mood,Trying to squeeze a smile:“Gay,Sorry,Heard the news that I still have relatives,A little excited。”
“You’re welcome,I can understand。”Li Xiaolan smiled and nodded,Waiting for Chen Hongjun to go down。
Arrange for two comrades, a man and a woman, to find Chen Hongjun,This is the result of careful consideration by the leaders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:There is a lesbian present,Can make the atmosphere less serious,It can ease the atmosphere at critical moments。


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