Often practice 8 kinds of fitness dances to be elegant ladies

Often practice 8 kinds of fitness dances to be elegant ladies

Guide: Want to lose weight fast?

You can choose cross steps, spin steps and kick steps to eliminate stubborn solids.

Dancing is the best exercise. It is not only helpful for your cardiopulmonary function, it can also exercise your whole body muscle.

As long as you complete a complete set of dances, you can burn 600 calories.


For rumba, with your feet open, shoulder-width apart, your arms hanging over your body.

Shake the left hip forward, then rotate to the left, then shake the right hip.

First rotate, then right.

You can imagine that your chest is constantly drawing 8 characters.

  Jump for five minutes.

  Tip: Slowly shake your hips and feel the force on both sides.


Swing step dance is the main thing, with both feet open and shoulder width.

With your hands on top, jump with your left foot on one foot and kick forward.

Then, use your right foot to walk backwards.

Change legs and repeat the exercise.

  Do it fifteen times.

  Tip: When you move, you can let your upper body swing freely.


Dominated by trot, with feet close together.

Position yourself in a dance position and lift your left arm upward as if you are resting on your partner’s shoulders, with your right arm bent to a right angle and your palms facing up.

Jump open your legs, then close them together and kick your right foot forward.

Repeat. When jumping back to the original position, you are kicking your left foot and then jumping back to the original position.

  Do it fifteen times.
  Tip: Keep your arms in the original position, it is best not to move your upper body.


At the beginning of the twisting swing dance, with both feet open, shoulder width.

Hold a chair to balance your body.

Keep your upper body still, twist your right heel to the right, and then replace: twist your left heel to the left, then try again.

This is the first action.

Rotate back and forth quickly, but just move your vertical and heel.

  Do it fifteen times.
  Tip: When you jump, feel the movement of your thigh muscles with your heart.


Twisting salsa preliminary, with both feet open, shoulder-width apart.

At the beginning, quickly cross steps (right foot forward, left foot backward) to the left.

Right foot, then cross your right foot behind.

Repeat with your right foot and cross your left foot behind.
With the cross-step movement when moving, the front of the heel points in the direction you want to go.
  Do it fifteen times.
  Tip: Keep your upper body still when you jump.


For samba, with both feet open, shoulder width.

Focus on the left leg, step out of the right leg, cross it with the left leg and the right leg is on top (as if both legs were locked).

Bend Bend, move slightly to the left as your left foot, straight forward.

Repeat the cross movements and change legs.

  Do it fifteen times.
  Tip: When you jump, you should consciously tighten and relax your abdominal muscles.


Paso’s arms dance forward, with his feet open and shoulder-width apart.

Put your arms on top of your head and touch your fingertips to form an oval shape.

Step out of your right foot, forward and then left.

At the same time, dance your left arm down towards your left hip.

Stand back to your original position and repeat the action on the other side.

  Do it fifteen times.
  Tip: Use arm force to move your hands.


The dance just stood out, with both feet open and shoulder width.

Place your arms on the sides of your body and your weight on your left leg.

Don’t lift your left foot, then quickly place your right foot on your left leg.

Turn your body to the left.

Bring your right foot back immediately and place it behind your left foot.

Repeat the rotation, this time with your body facing to the right.

  Do it fifteen times.
  Tip: During the jump, straighten your arms and step down.


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