Chang Tingcheng more than a story (I am with a city)

  Changting night view.

  Image of China Fujian Changting places, there are two statements.

One said, the city is in the south, and the southern is a bit, but Duty is "Ting". Another saying, "Ting" is a water boundary, "Changting" is "Water Belt Long Strip". Regardless of the saying, "Changting" is given a sense of beauty.

  Eleventh year ago, I won the Longyan City Chang Ting County from Yan Rong County, Ningde. When I first arrived, the comrades of the county government office took me to know this still very strange small town. Chang Tin County is located all over, but the revolutionary site is very concentrated. These revolutionary sites are often an ancient architecture, they will be quietly around you, and they will meet.

  The Hakka House on the Sutany River, March 14, 1929, the first time, the Red Fourth Army entered Chang Tingcheng, Mao Zedong Comrade, Comrade Zhu De lived here. On March 20th, Comrade Mao Zedong held the Red Fourth Army of the Red Fourth Army in Xinwang Villa to expand the meeting, and made the decision of the central revolutionary base according to more than 20 counties in Weixian West.

  Located on the old site of Changting Red Army in Changting City East Street, the face is not big, the brick stone is still, the first batch of Red Army military uniform is produced here.

Following the quilt factory, a batch of batches need to be the main, taking into account the civilian factory, such as the spring bamboo shoots on this land breaking the earth.

In Changting, there will be 15 red army furniture factories, printories, China Weaving Factory, Red Army Fighting Factory.

  Zhongfu Village located in Changnuan Gate is the "Departure of the Long Jiu Army League". On September 30, 1934, the Red Jiuzhong Group embedded from here.

The speaker in the village Zhongming, six red army martyrs in the us. Zhong Ming started from six or seven years ago, and he was passionate about the story of the Long March and the Songjialing Defense War. He often received several guests a day, the day of the big, suddenly fainted on the road after the old clock.

His son resigned as a job in Xiamen, go home and his father became a "father and son" who explained red history. Someone asked Xiaozhao: "If you don’t worry about your father’s body, will you come back?" He replied: "If you just worry about your father, I can pick him up to Xiamen pension.

I am very meaningful to think that my father does it, so I want to come back to work with my father.

"There are many stories that old clocks hanging on the mouth. He loves the Red Army Bridge in the village, and the story of" Six Sizes "happened there.

Luo Yunran, six sons sent all the red army, all sacrificed on the battlefield. The old man did not know, giving his son, together with the surname of the couple, then from a row to six: Rome, Rome … Rome 6.

He first sent three sons to sacrifice.

Then, the last three were all sent to the Red Army Bridge. The cadres of the recruiting troops stunned, and tears and persuade him to leave a pension. The elderly hard pushed the sons in the past: "If the Red Army is coming, my son is afraid that one will starve.

Do you still know who is the living road? If you have enough life, you must return it. "Enrage, it is a local language, it means to reply with life. If you live, it is true man, eight ninety years ago, Luo is, now the old clock father is also. There has been a pair of couplets on the ancient city wall of Tingjiang. I am very impressed: "Tang Song Dynasty Ming Qing is known as Jin Bengzhi Town, and the county county is called Huaxia City.

"Starting from the Tang Dynasty, Changting has always been the location of Tingzhou Zhiyuan. The revolutionary era, here is the Central Soviet Union Economic Center. Some weekend, I met the old city wall repair association in the store, two people boarded the benefits Jimen Tower. Looking around, the wall is connected to the distance from the distance, and it is long.

Lao Cao said that the original city wall has not been destroyed, and more than 30 retired elderly and other more than 30 retired old people have set up ancient city wall repair association, multi-party mobilization, raising funds, and repairs the city wall.

  "Xiucheng wall, not dozens of foreign families, is the general matter of the people of the county.

I was responsible for publicity, a class of old age, with a rice tea (Chang Ting Tang, meaning "self-with dry grain tea"), squat, one step, a footprint, promote the meaning of repairing the wall.

Finally moved and drove many people, condensed the strength, and made this thing. "" You Bingzhang often said a word: If we don’t trim, the next generation is forgotten, the wall is gone.

"It is the old man who is a lot of old tour, Lao Cao, is in the county’s support leads, a wooden stone building, a brick, a tile, sweating such as a rain to repair nearly three thousand meters long Ming and Qingming City Wall. Today Ting, county area is more than a lot of time. The train opened in the past few years. From Changting to Beijing, Shanghai, in the Guangshen Hong Kong and Macao, it is within one day.

Textile Industrial Park, Rare Earth Industrial Park, Medical Device Industrial Park … Outside the ancient city.

Qingshan is like a blue and green water, the green water is already Changting in the national ecological civilization construction demonstration county, riveting "dripping stone, people, one me ten", moving towards the direction of ecological civilization model county.

Under the blue sky, the "One River Cross-Strait" Theutscape of the Constantian Scenic Spot is about to be built, the ancient city wall, the water of the river, the river, hugging the beautiful city. (Editor: Hu Yongqiu, Yang Guangyu) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.


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