University of Electronic Science and Technology, Professor Chen Xingbi died of illness

[Memorial] Chen Xingbi: "science and human services, and this is my life tireless pursuit of" Guangming Daily reporter Li Xiaodong Zhou double "Chen rigorous scholarship, love of students, lectures patience, a few years later is still vivid in my mind.

"" In those moments where something was, that over eighty daily also figure to the lab to become their own hold on power.

"" Mr. fragrant peaches and plums over the world, the development of the motherland semiconductors without your efforts, for us strive to become stronger.

"…… the evening of December 4, UESTC obituary: internationally renowned semiconductor physicist, scientist Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, IEEELifeFellow, Jiu San Society members, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Professor Mr. Chen Xingbi, illness is invalid, in 2019 on at 17:10 on December 4 in Chengdu, he died at 89 years old. subsequently, numerous online thread, and have expressed cherish the memory of academician Chen Xingbi memorial service.

  UESTC an alumnus recalled that at school, academician Chen Xingbi often encountered in walking, but never take the initiative to greet him, as he said, he used to walk to think, do not interrupt him. And now, while walking while thinking of academician Chen Xingbi gone, he’s saying has always inspired people later:. "Can in a short period of life, science and human services, this is the tireless pursuit of my life" as he himself said, Chen Xingbi life, it is the science of human life to the service. His patent super junction breaks the traditional "silicon limit", is known as "high-voltage power devices milestone" international academic circles.

The successful transfer of patent and industrialization, which extends product to benefit all aspects of human social life.

  The power semiconductor processing is the core of a power semiconductor, the corresponding is more familiar to the public as the core information of the information processing semiconductors.

In mobile phones, computers and other electronic products, Semiconductors these products "brain" and "nervous", responsible for sensing, computing, control, etc., to achieve electronic product design features; and the power semiconductor is the product of "heart" and "blood", responsible for electric energy transmission parameters different suitable voltage, current, frequency to sensors, cameras, electric terminals.

  The development of modern power electronics technology, so that in most cases the power device is used as a switch, generally require high pressure resistance performance, when conducting a high current density, voltage drop when the device is turned on, a high switching speed, small driving power . In the 1980s, the development of traditional power devices encountered the famous "silicon limit" bottleneck, performance power device in trouble.

Chen Xingbi the invention break this bottleneck, the performance of the power devices are fully ground-breaking increase. In 1998, Siemens method Chen Xingbi invention, made into a new power devices, caused a sensation in the world, is considered a milestone in the last two decades of the power device.

"There are other companies during that time to contact me before, advanced mechanisms of these big companies, the strength of adequate conditions, the ability to manufacture such devices is much higher than us." Chen Xingbi said. At that time China did not experimental conditions, but Chen Xingbi very clear that the value of the invention, so he applied for a Chinese patent, applied for a US patent. He did not hide the technology, but transformed as soon as possible, serve the community.

Today, his US patents, international patents have been cited more than 550 times, and licensed to the international mainstream semiconductor companies, to benefit the world.

  In 2008, a paper published by Chen Xingbi pointed out that more than 70% of the world’s electricity now, are to undergo a transformation in the form of semiconductor power devices and applications, with annual sales second only to the power device integrated circuit.

After Chen Xingbi patents successful transfer and industrialization, as of now, super-junction devices in the global market sales in excess of $ 1 billion.

  Outstanding contribution to our country and the world the power semiconductor industry, Chen Xingbi was elected in 1999 as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, May 2015 received the highest honor IEEEISPSD General Assembly awarded the "international power semiconductor Pioneer Award", becoming the first win of the Asia-Pacific region the scientist.

In 2018, he was elected IEEEISPSD inaugural Hall of Fame, becoming the first Chinese scientist Hall of Fame. Chen Xingbi contribution to human progress, much more than that.

He is our power leads the way in the field of semiconductors and a master of his life published over 200 academic papers, obtain patents more than 40 countries such as China and the US.

  Chen Xingbi is a good teacher, he always will be familiar with the podium in front of lesson plans to the extreme, all the theoretical system of knowledge both cases form a strict system in his mind.

Podium, just a few cards, the same course as the water trickling endless drip out.

  Until a ripe old age, Chen Xingbi still insist on personally guiding graduate students, doctoral students, care about each student’s growth. He asked every student to recite the "Orchid Pavilion", "pre-Inst" and "Yueyang Tower", not only to learn the classics, but also to understand the national identity of them.

He grew up in the war, found that Chinese science and technology far behind Chen Xingbi people, not only his own life to the cause of science in 1980 for the first time the United States to attend the meeting, but also hope that more students can join the science: "truly dedicated spirit of the people, is the backbone of research and development. "" Guangming Daily "(December 6, 2019 08 edition).


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