Sun Sangentian Protected Mission in the Xinjiang Military Region in the plateau

In 1949, when the five-star red flag rose in Tiananmen, Lazi’s grandfather Keli Dik began in the Pamir Plateau as the red rival side-defense road patrol.

From that moment, Grandpa rode the yak to accompany the PLA compulsory patrol 23 years. Father Bayka has passed his grandfather from 1972, and it is 39 years. In August 2011, Baykat was high because of the year, and the yak whip patrolled was given to the son of the soldiers.

The three generations of the ancestors of the ancestors were passed in the Pamir Plateau.

Red and its lace is the only series that can only rely on yak to patrol.

Going to Wu Yanggou patrol is the most difficult patrol road of the Pamir Plateau. At least 4 days from the round trip, the road needs to override more than 8,000 meters of Daba, and there are more than 30 rivers, the road is mostly on the cliff cliff. On the top, there will be life happening, and each time you patrol, there will be different dangers.

In August 2011, Lazi first assisted patrol teams to participate in the patrol patrols.

On the way, the team was hit by a storm, had to overnight overnight 4254 meters above sea level.

Lazi followed the father’s teaching and put the yak into the yak, let the officers snuggled around the yak and spent the cold night. When patrolling the second year, when the yak was wading a Talun Baish River at an altitude of 4098 meters, the squad leader Wang Gang’s yak was jumping in the snow, how to pull it, rushing The river will rush to the back of the cattle. At this time, Razii, who was in front of Wang Gang, didn’t care about the individual safety, jumped into the river to die, and pulled the two yak steps over the ice river. After the shore, everyone discovered that the original Wang Gang riding the yak was divided by the sharp stone in the glacial, blood DC.

Today, Razi’s patrol experience is getting more and more rich, and has become a strong assistant of Red Lake against officers and men.

He said that he will continue to go along the grandfather and his father’s footprint, and the officers and soldiers will be a good patrol guide. If the body allows, he has to do 40 years. When he can’t do it, he passes the task to his son, and the glorious traditional generation of the guards is inherited … (photography / writing Feng Jie .


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