Her voice is flat。

The expression on her face with a mild smile。
But what she said,It is like a thunderous thunder in everyone’s ear.。
The fried Meijia bridge is stunned,Bombed Wulinary shaking,The fried Wuguang double-eyed cold……He naturally knows Chang’an Li http://www.1tijian.cn Jia,But unfortunately,Until now, there is no real meaning representing the four words.。
Mei Lao is trying to suppress my heart and fear,“We are ordered to investigate the innocence caused by the snow.……”
Li Po looked up。
Mei Lao is shameful,Random。
“The old man has just said,I came in the morning.。”
Li Po does not be angry,The sound is still not awkward.,“Although I am older.,But there is no deafness,Little guy,My family has not come,Are you so confused??”
This sentence,Mei Lao’s eyelids suddenly jumped,A bitter。
From a certain aspect,The other party is indeed the old man of Chang’an Li Jia.。
Can be aware of,In front of the woman, the woman was a famous heaven, a famous heaven.,I am afraid that no one will sit.。
About this sky peacock,I have left many rumors。
The http://www.2dgh.cn most close,It is her very happy when she is young. The old man。
Unfortunately,The old man already had a lover at the time.。
And the peacock is willing to follow the old man.,Becomes his 鬟鬟,Today。
Saying is awkward,But no one dares to be underestimated。
Her combat is strong in the past.,Half a century,Who knows how much she is strong?。
If this is the case,Not enough to shock Meijia brothers。
Instead, this old woman,Once killed more than a guardian。
Be right。
At that time, the guardian did not have so many rules.,I have a number of people.,Self-think of superb,No one can be more than planning。
As a result, there are two guys who don’t know how to live.,It was killed by the old woman in front of him.。
Many people think that the Guardian Alliance will definitely come to the door.,The result is a http://www.qqhld.cn big fell。
Don’t talk about revenge,The Alliance of the Controlled Guardian Alliance,Did not put one,This is no longer。
It is because,Many guardians remember the four words of Changan Li family。
Later, after some understanding,It is a deep thing for Changan Li family.。
“Senior,Please listen to me explained。”
Mei Lao Da is afraid that the other violent murder,Hurry,“After all, the snow is unknown is the person of the guardian alliance.,We don’t want to do something for summer,Just let him assist in investigation。”
Li Po is faint,Also,“Then do you know,He is the grandfather of our Changan Li Jia.。”


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