“do not worry,The five of us have just run in,Still early!”Fuming patted Chen Mo on the shoulder,Chen Mo nodded。

“Tut,Dean is Dean,Broke my fall in an instant,If it’s not so easy for ordinary people!”Feng Tian looked at the small pit in the distance,A little disappointed。
“Let’s go ahead,Try to walk more before night!”
A few people nodded,move on,Feng Tian and Bai Ai continue to hide,Fuming three people walking on the ground。
After they left,The dean looked at the direction he was leaving,A rare smile on the corner of his mouth:“Really good,The first teamwork can reach this point,It seems that my worry is a bit redundant”
“I don’t know what level of evil beast the dean will leave in this forest,If the level is too high, it will be difficult to handle”Fuming whispered,I didn’t see any evil beasts when I looked around。
“The dean should be released according to our strength,I speculate that the fourth-level evil beast should be the most likely,Level 5 evil beasts are too early for us!”
Chen Mo didn’t know that Fuming had already encountered two level 5 evil beasts,Otherwise it will be absolutely shocked。
“There is movement,Be careful!”
White voice sounded,The Fuming three immediately assumed an attacking posture,look around。
“The direction of your front right was suddenly interrupted just now,According to the degree of disturbance of the wind direction just now,Not the dean,Must be a monster,Not big,Express delivery extremely fast,Just a momentary thing!”
Bai Ai’s words are hard to understand for Fumingji,But Bai Ai followed Qin Kai this time,After stepping into Rongfeng,Bai Bai is extremely sensitive to wind direction,Even if there is only a slight change,White can also be felt!
“Well,This Bai Ai is right to follow Qin Kai,It only takes a year to grow to this point,Speaking of it, Qin Kai found the treasure!”
The dean sees all this in his eyes,I heard what Bai Ai said,Thanks to the more clever means of hiding,Otherwise it’s really hard to handle!
“On your right,coming!”
Bai Ai sipped,Fuming right fist gathers thunder,Shoot in the direction Bai Ai pointed out,A small beast appeared from the grass。
It’s a pangolin shimmering with golden light,The eyes staring at the Fuming people are extremely fierce,The corners of the mouth are drooping with saliva。
“Is a polar pangolin,His claws are very sharp,And the defense is also very strong,Depends on the energy level of the body,Has grown to level four!”
Chen Mo whispered,Nodded,The hand interrupts the appearance of the halberd,Shimmering with a cold light。


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