Wherever you go,People are like scared rabbits,One after another to avoid。

“Who is this?”
“He is Dugufa,You don’t even know this?”
“Fucking,Just talking about him,He came。Now it’s fun to watch!”
“Do you think Chen Xiu and Dugufan are better??”
“It also goes to say,Of course!Dugucute has occupied the position of the ranking list for several years,The combat effectiveness has been unfathomable。Chen Xiu is great,It’s just a first-class state,Dugu cutting is a half-step innate level cultivation base。Chen Xiu is absolutely impossible to be Dugu’s opponent。”
“Yeah yeah,I heard that Dugu‘Gale Swordsmanship’Have already cultivated,Quick as lightning,Few people can catch his sword!”
1177 Dugu cut
Amidst the compliments of everyone to Dugu,An uncoordinated voice sounded:“Hehe……I don’t think so,I’m still optimistic about Chen Xiu!”
Everyone followed the sound,It was Duan Junjian who was speaking。
Wishful banquet,Duan Junjian naturally can’t be there,It’s just that Chen Xiu is too sharp when he comes,No chance for him to show off。
“Brother Duan,Why is so optimistic about Chen Xiu?”
“Ha ha……It’s just a pure man consciously。”
Duan Junjian thought in his heart:“Can I tell you,Jin Lao and I are not Chen Xiu’s opponents in the two and a half steps!”
Everyone shook their heads when Duan Junjian said so,Said a seedling with an extraordinary identity:“Brother Duan,I think your man is inaccurate this time,I’m still optimistic about Dugu!”
“Correct,We are also optimistic about Dugu!”
Duan Junjian saw that most of the people were applauding for Dugupa,Turn your eyes,Thought in mind:“The opportunity to make a fortune is here!”
“Everybody,How about we bet!”
All those present are martial arts practitioners,Everyone is full of blood,Usually a good martial artist,The second is good wine、So beautiful,Three is like gambling。


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