Li Hui is gently wants to break free of the opponent。

As a result, the other party won the tighter。
Then put the tip of the foot,风 风,Whisper:“Yellow flower girl, you haven’t said that you don’t like it.。”
“嘻嘻 嘻 黄 身 身 子 子,You can remember today’s words,If you don’t like,I just gave someone.。”
Finish,Xu Yingying slammed Li Hui Feng,I quickly ran to the car。
Long-distance bus,Li Hui’s heart is also a little hard,Can’t say。
He feels that the matter between the year is too much, it should not be too much.,Otherwise, today will not let Xu Yingying have so many unnecessary ideas.。
Returning to the yard,Li Hui Feng began to plan。
In the past year, he feels too slowly.,There is no substantive progress in the root of lotus village.。
If there is a progress,That is the advancement of the house in the village.,As for others, there is no progress。
And with the advent of winter,People who come to travel are also a lot less.,Even from the forefront to now,Even a tourism does not appear。
Just when Li Hui is thinking about how to plan,Jiangfu Ming is once again stabilized with the previous forces in the county.。
Every news about Li Hui Feng, he all inquired.,Basically, the situation of Li Hui Feng。
When I learned that Li Hui Feng has an engineering team in the county,When there is a greenhouse in the countryside,He smiled directly.。
Green shed him can find someone price,Then press the income of these greenhouses,By the time,Green shed does not make money,The first resentment of the villagers is definitely Li Hui Feng。
As for the engineering team,He is there too many ways to pack it.。
The only thing that made him surprised is that the project team’s boss is actually a mixed society.,And it is also the old two in the county.,Although it is old two,But according to his intelligence,How much is the right of Jin Xijie in hand?。
Everything starts after understanding,He feels that it is a startup.,Let Li have a busy。
Only in this way can he mitigate hate in his heart.。
As for Li Hui’s parents,He also understands clear,Popular farmers,There is no need to say。
Even he feels looking for a car to come up.,If people are dead, they are also white.,He only needs compensation for a little money.。
But that money is simply nine bulls for him.。
Next day,The new rise in the county is called“Fubing”Engineering team。
The engineering team is not a local person,Be a foreigner,But the quality of the decoration is almost nothing to say.。
Even the engineering team from Jin Xijie has received threats。
Because people who have already booked in several times have said people,Replace“Fubing”Man,Because this engineering team’s decoration style makes people look bright,At the same time, it will give it a very atmosphere.。
The only place that is lacking may be the woodworking.,But these can be used to buy finished products.。
Although the finished product is not as good as Jin Xijie,But the quality is basically almost,The most critical is the finished product or paint。
And Jin Xijie is basically the basic pure woodworking and then use Qing oil.。


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