Li Hui does not say this,Han Shanshan has not been interested,But so she said that she is interested.。

“Oh,Then you talk about it.,What is it?,Let you know this thick face?”
“Forehead,My face has always been very thin.,How thick。”
For this,Han Shanshan directly smiled:“Before it is really a thin,But now,Faces can be thicker than the city wall。”
“Forehead,Big squad leader,You are too too much like this.,I have always had a face.。”
Han Shanshan heard this,Know how Li Hui Feng is playing what ideas,Go on:“Say it,What is going on? Let you feel shameless,Less less and I will open the topic。”
“Forehead,Nothing,It is the sister and me saying that many women need me to take care of it.,After losing the little sister,I still have a broader forest”Li Hui’s words have not finished,Han Shanshan can’t stand it.。
“All right,Don’t say,Sure enough, still thick,And it is getting more and more。”
soon,Han Shanshan stepped on high heel and walked on the earth.。
But look at the mountain farm in front of you.,She is a bit unwilling。
Li Hui Feng also found this situation。
“Hey-hey,Big squad leader,Do you want to sit in the back of the rhubarb together??
You are on,Then I went up,You will help me.。”
This proposal for Li Hui Feng let Han Shanshan have some heart.,But the heart is moving,After all, she is not the relationship between Li Hui’s relationship.,This seems to be seen.,She feels that they will be misunderstood。
“never mind,I still walk well.,I am afraid that you will have a color heart.。”
“Forehead,Big squad leader,I am now in your heart now.?”
“Humph,What do you think?”
Looking at Han Shanshan, the stubborn picture of the ruddy little mouth,Li Hui also laughed directly。
“That line,You don’t ride,I can ride it.,And you are not allowed to tell me again.,After all, I have done it.,It’s not you come to ride。”
Finish,Li Hui is directly jumping directly,I got on the rhubarb.。
Han Shanshan saw Li Hui Rong riding in the big yellow body.,I am also envious。
“Who said that I don’t ride??
But you have to support me.,If you fall,You will end.。”
Looking at the sturdy back of the rhubarn,Tall body,Han Shanshan does not know what to go。
Li Hui also jumped directly into the back,Then pick a few wild grass from the roadside,Let the big yellow go down。
“Big squad leader,Come over the shoes,You will definitely hurt it on the big yellow body.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Han Shanshan is also sorry to take off the high heels.。
Li Hui’s use of wild grass into a rope,Then tied high heels to,Hang on the back of the cattle。
Looking at Li Hui Feng, the skilled action,Han Shanshan is also a bit surprised,She did not expect several wild grass to Li Hui’s hand to become such a useful thing.。
Li Xiang also looked at the stockings wrapped in Han Shanshan’s jade foot.,Stockings are actually practiced,But such Han Shanshan is a great temptation to people.,Even Li Hui is also can’t help but read a few eyes.。
“What look,What should I do now??”
Look at Han Shanshan’s some shy look,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“Hey-hey,Of course, sitting on the big yellow body.,Then help me.。”
Say,Li Hui Feng directly let the rhinosis,Then he took directly。
Han Shanshan is some embarrassed to reach out,Then let Li will help the back。
With the help of Li Hui Feng,She is also sitting on the back of the cattle。
“Hey-hey,The big squad leader, but it is to sit.,Let us start starting.。”
With Li Hui’s command,Daily got up directly,Go to the front。
A moment of getting up,Han Shanshan’s ability to hug Li Hui,The scent of the heart,Let Li Hui Feng also feel that there is a feeling of refreshing。
At the same time, he also directly supports the slim waist with the other party.。


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