“Almost off work,It’s time to have a rest。How can you do work like this,Piled up a few days of work,You did it all in the morning”Tong Jie said,He stretched and sat on the sofa。Xia Jian knows,He’s not here during this time,Tong Jie stood alone,She is really busy。

Xia Jian looked up at the door,Then took out a small gift box from the drawer and threw it to Tong Jie。“This is for you,A small gift,Don’t dislike it“
Tong Jie took it in her hand and smiled and said:“Thank you!“After speaking, he quickly got up and took the small gift box back to his office。She is eager to see,What did Xia Jian give her?。
When talking about lunch,Xia Jiangang sat down,Xiong Yongqiang and Wei Xiaoming ran up to him with their lunch boxes,The two of them sat next to him one left and the other right,After that, Tong Jie had to sit directly opposite Xia Jian。
”Mayor Xia!What’s going on?“Xiong Yongqiang lowered his voice and asked Xia Jiandao。
Xia Jian glanced at him and said:”It’s best not to talk about work during meal time。If you have any questions,Please come to my office during work hours,I will give you a satisfactory answer“
Xiong Sanqiang is not stupid,He immediately understood what Xia Jian meant。So he said quickly:”Good good!I’ll find you when I’m free“
”Hey!Mayor Xia!I ask you something that is not at work。Why are you riding a motorcycle to work today,Where’s your big run?Nadora,I really envy you,Dreaming,I can drive a Big Ben in my life,I don’t know how cool it is“Wei Xiaoming said,Have fun by myself。
”Don’t understand!This is the enjoyment of people with cars。Drove today,Ride a motorcycle tomorrow,Play in a different way,Each is different。Moreover,Mayor Xia’s motorcycle is not an ordinary motorcycle,If you want to buy now,You can only touch it without tens of thousands“Xiong Yongqiang said with a smile。
Wei Xiaoming heard Xiong Yongqiang say this,Eyes widened in surprise。He whispered:”Mayor Xia!You are really rich。It’s so hideous when you drive,Unexpectedly, riding a motorcycle is worth tens of thousands。It seems that among our cadres,No one is richer than you“
”You two eat well,Choking carefully“Xia Jian said, glared at these two people。
Tong Jie smiled and said:”I can’t stop your mouths,I have to provoke me to be yelled at“
When Tong Jie said this,Happy face,Obviously she has seen the small gift Xia Jian gave her,Should be very happy in my heart。
Finished eating,Xia Jian is going to wash the lunch box by himself,Unexpectedly, Wei Xiaoming had been watching,He snatched it up and said:”Mayor Xia!what do you mean?I don’t want to be your secretary now,But this lunch box can still be washed!“Although this guy is joking,But the sound is a bit loud。


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