When awake,Yangliu fantasized more than once,In sleep,Dreamed more than once,He knew he was pregnant,Like the father-to-be on TV,ecstatic。

Know she has no appetite,Will be very anxious,Will run out in the middle of the night to buy what she wants to eat;Will accompany her smiling face when she loses her temper,Take care of;In the dead of night,Lying on her belly,Patiently and meticulously count fetal heart rate for prenatal education;Also because of myself,Dropping the meeting and running back,Just to comfort myself, who is noisy because I can’t have fun with my own fetus。
Just now,She also dreamed of their family of three playing games happily,I thought they were the happiest family in the world。
Just a few minutes,The picture changed drastically,Can beautiful things only appear in dreams??
Why is he so cruel?Why kill their baby?
Because I don’t love anymore,Will she even be disgusted when she is pregnant??
I’m afraid she will use the baby to ask him for a large amount of support,Still afraid of having a baby,Delay his future happiness?
There was mist before her eyes,Sore nose,I want to cry。
Tears are only useful in front of people who cherish you,Facing a man with a stone heart,Will only arouse his disgust,Desperately telling myself to be calm,Don’t irritate him。
“Yunhe,we,We are divorced,It doesn’t matter anymore,At divorce,I,I didn’t ask you for a cent,after,I won’t ask you for the baby’s support,Don’t worry。”
what?What is this woman talking about?Does she think she is afraid that she will ask for money from herself??joke,The child is not his,Do you want to get it with him??
Willow’s teeth are shaking,This man is moody,Always do what you say,She can’t treat him as a joke,he,Really want to kill my baby!
And what she can do,Just want him to believe,None of his worries exist。
“Yunhe,cloud,Yunhe,you,you listen to me,you,What kind of life do you want,My baby and I will not be your burden,Will not delay your happiness,You don’t have to worry about this,If you don’t believe me,We can make a paper,Take it to the notarization,I,What I’m saying is true,Really.”
She really doesn’t want to cry,But she can’t help it,More and more fluid collects in the eye sockets,Blurred her vision,The man’s face can’t be seen clearly,heart,Very messy。
Before people,She dare not say that she expects her father-to-be to visit them;Queen,She is like all expectant mothers,What I look forward to most is the comfort of my father-to-be。
First meeting after divorce,But in this situation where people are strong and we are weak,Know she is pregnant,The reaction was so cruel!
What’s the misunderstanding,She can explain,He cannot deprive the baby of the right to be born!


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