“You forced me!”While Lu Menglin shouted out,I took out a red pill from the inside pocket of my jacket。

Seeing the Red Pill,The old nun’s look suddenly changed,The eyes are shining。
Lu Menglin handed the red pill to his mouth,To swallow,The old nun glared and shouted:“Don’t!”
When Lu Menglin heard these two words,In mind,I know I am probably betting right,Throw the red pill backhand to the sea。
really,The weird old nun shot the pill at first sight,Immediately go after the pills,Do not want the pill to fall into the water,And Lu Menglin took advantage of this opportunity,Rush in the opposite direction,Used the strength of breastfeeding。
This run,Lu Menglin didn’t care about the true martial force or Xingyiquan,Anyway, all the power of the whole body is concentrated on the lower limbs,Full burst,Rushed to the opposite direction of the beach。
Just go back to the city,Arrived at a place of human population,Maybe there is a way to survive。
No matter how high the martial arts of that old nun is,Can’t kill people in the street, right??As long as she dares to do this,That’s Tuoba E’s Second,The power of the entire Hong Kong Island will be mobilized to deal with her。
Lu Menglin thought very well,But the reality is very skinny,He is running hard,Suddenly I heard a cold snort in my ear。
Followed by,Lu Menglin only felt a soft waist,Vent all strength,Fall to the ground。
I don’t know when,The old nun has caught up,Poke him over。
The old nun is holding the red pill in her hand,Sneered:“If it’s not for running fast on the beach,Really told you to escape。”
suddenly,The old nun’s face changed slightly,Anger:“This is not a secret medicine,What is this?”
Lu Menglin knew that most of the time he had capsized in the gutter,Hard to escape,Had to laugh:“This is the jelly bean I brought with me!I just like to throw,Only dogs will chase。”
The old nun leaned down,Reached out and took a lightly in Lu Menglin’s pocket,Sure enough, he took out half a bag of red jelly beans。
Turns out this is not the secret medicine at all,It’s because this kid deliberately put on him disgusting。
“If you want to kill or kill!But I tell you,I am rich,Has made a will,As long as something happens to me,All my property is automatically transferred to the Ethereum Fund,Not much,There are billions。
By then the killers all over the world will kill you。One life loses one life,You do it!I never frowned!”


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