“What are the benefits of being your deputy schoolmaster?”Lu Menglin smiled,Suddenly asked。

Kasuga Ming, the master of Songzhengjuku, stopped smiling,I thought about it very seriously,Then replied:“All the silver clothes teaching under Songzhengjuku can be handed over to you,From now on you and I join forces,Anything in the world,Whether it is wealth or fame,As much as you want!”
“anything else?You and me are almost the same,You should be very clear,What we don’t want is wealth and fame,What I want is the further possibilities of martial arts,Can you give me?”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Kasuga Ming was shocked by the words,Shook his head,Tao:“Can’t!but,As long as you are willing to surrender to me,Let’s enter a foreign land together,Maybe it’s possible。”
“Into a foreign land?That’s a good idea!Buddies,to be honest,Actually, I came to Dongyang this time,I just want to discuss with you,Make way for me,How about going there?”Lu Menglin has something to talk about,Said quickly。
“So you already know!”Kasuga’s tone suddenly turned cold,Proudly。
“what?What do I know?”Lu Menglin was stunned,Asked rhetorically。
“Still playing stupid?go to hell!”Kasuga Ming in the center of the hall suddenly rose up,The whole person rushed towards Lu Menglin like a big bird。
This moment,Change too fast,So fast that no one responds。
If Kasuga Ming is as fast as an arrow from the string,Then his fist is a sharp and unparalleled arrow,Break through the sound barrier with a fist,Pulled out a white wave of air,Pounced on Lu Menglin like a stormy sea。
Lu Menglin can’t avoid it,A megalodon fisted over。
boom!The fists of the two have not touched each other,The qi burst produced by Fist Jin has exploded,It’s like dropping a high explosive bomb in the hall,The huge air wave is rolling in all directions,The whole hall shook。
Kasuga missed a hit,Speed up immediately,Body shape turned into a series of afterimages,Surround Lu Menglin in the middle。
In an instant,All the afterimages move together,Punch and kick,Suddenly it was like more than a dozen Spring Days all together,Attacked Lu Menglin。
in all directions,Fist like rain,Leg shadow all over the sky,This trick is really gorgeous to the extreme。
But in Lu Menglin’s eyes,But it’s useless,Ineffective behavior that only wastes energy。
He can’t avoid,Let those fists and phantoms hit me。


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