What can pregnant yoga bring to pregnant women?

What can pregnant yoga bring to pregnant women?

Health is the basic factor for women to live a peaceful life, produce smoothly and have a healthy baby.

A healthy woman is more capable of relieving extreme tension during the painful period and childbirth than a weak woman, and has better recovery ability.

In India, many pregnant women learn and practice systematic yoga.

Because yoga for pregnant women can help them a lot, making them mentally and physically ready for the baby.

  Yoga believes that healthy bones include both physical and mental levels.

At the same time, yoga advocates: moderate and gentle cultivation methods; giving people internal and external overall attention, these will bring a lot of help to pregnant mothers and new mothers: through yoga, pregnant mothers can understand the correct breathing techniques and relaxation methods,As a result, the heart and lung muscles are in good condition, which is conducive to physical recovery and postpartum recovery.

Through the practice of yoga, pregnant mothers can improve blood circulation, strengthen muscle strength and flexibility, strengthen waist, spine and abdominal muscles to support the baby’s weight in the womb, and relieve backache and back pain through proper exercise and good posture.And other conditions, and cope well with the relevant physiological, psychological, and emotional problems during pregnancy, so that pregnant mothers maintain a healthy and happy state.

More importantly, exercise during pregnancy can help pregnant mothers build self-confidence and accelerate postpartum recovery.

At the same time, yoga has regular exercise, so that pregnant mothers have no pain and extreme fatigue after delivery.

Yoga relaxation exercises, pregnant mothers to relax and relax is an alternative method for pregnant mothers’ health. Here are a few simple yoga relaxation exercises during pregnancy to help pregnant mothers go through this sacred and special journey of life in a happy, relaxed and healthy state.

1. Pillow arm lying sideways: Essentials of action: lying sideways (on either side), with the bent arm resting under the head, the other side arm placed on the bent thigh, the thigh underneath to stay relaxed and straight, the thigh placedBend slightly.

Time is comfortable, and change the other side in the same way after finishing.

  Role: This posture can relieve hip pressure and relax the hips.

2, Yang Shi Gong: Action essentials: Lie on your back with your feet apart, with your feet wide apart, your palms facing up, your body up and down, and your eyes closed.

Slowly from bottom to top, relax each part of the body in turn: toe claws, toe fractures, calves, thighs, knee joints, crotch, fingers, tibia, tibia, tibia, shoulder, mouth, nose, eyelashes, eyebrows and foreheadParts.
Thought relaxation, facial organs one by one relaxation, soothing, this can bring you real peace and serenity.

  Small reminder: Do three times a day during the first trimester, ten minutes at a time.

Then gradually reduce it to two minutes and relax more with “pillow-arm side lying”.

After 5 months of pregnancy, it is recommended not to lie down for too long.

3, seated listening: essentials of action: sitting on a mat or blanket, back to the wall, or sitting on a chair, leaning on the back of the chair, legs straight, arms naturally relaxed, hands palms up, placed on the thighs, closedeye.
This type of eyelashes relaxes the face.

Listen to the subtle rhythmic sounds, or listen to some soft music.

  Tip: Passive, relaxed listening can calm and relax.

This exercise can be done once a day.

This passive obedient listening attitude is needed whether it is sitting at home or traveling, or pregnant mothers before or after childbirth, accompanied by women entering the role of mother.

  Tip: Love reminds: exercise during pregnancy is necessary, but not excessive.

If you have minor bleeding or your doctor requires bed rest, stop exercising.


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