Shanxi Provincial Government Data Resources Sharing Management Measures

  On October 25, the Shanxi Evening News reporter learned from the provincial government that the "Shanxi Provincial Administrative Data Resources Sharing Management Measures" started from October 30th.

"Measures" clearly, government data resources are divided into three categories by sharing: can provide government affairs data resources used by all government agencies, belonging to unconditional sharing classes; can provide use or only part of the part of the government department or only part of all government affairs departments The administrative data resources used are subject to a conditional shared class; it is not advisable to provide the government data resources used by other government agencies, which belongs to the shared class.

  Administrative data resources refers to the information of information, numbers, symbols, pictures and audio videos produced by the government agency to perform information construction and applications in the process of implementing their duties, or by franchise, purchase services, etc.

  In addition, the government authorities may not be used to use the acquired shared data to be used, and may not be used for social paid services or other commercial purposes in any way, and the abuse of shared data, non-authorized use, unauthorized Behavior of diffusion and leakage.

Administrative data exchange sharing and business synergy between the government agencies must be conducted through the sharing platform, and all government agencies must not build cross-sectoral shared exchange infrastructure.

Xue Jianying (Editor: Ma Yunmei).


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