At this time,There was a soft knock at the door。Zhao Wei who entered the bathroom is back,She opened the door gently to take a look,Seeing that Wang Lin was standing outside with a lunch box。

Zhao Hong said quickly:“come on in,Mr. Wang really early“
“I think the morning meal is very important,So I made mutton soup for her at night,Lined up to buy him his favorite Xiaolongbao“Wang Lin said,And walked in with the lunch box。
Her eyes swept across the room gently,When she saw the escort bed neatly folded,Just understand everything。She walked to Xia Jian,Smile and say:“Brush your teeth first!Then eat it hot“
Xia Jian nodded,I want to get up,Wang Lin suddenly held him down and said:“You still don’t move,I will fetch water from a basin and give you“
“no, I’m fine,Wait for Zhao Hong to come out,I want to make it easier”Xia Jian said,Got out of bed。He stretched twice,I really don’t want to get up so early。
Zhao Hong will be out soon,She waited for Xia Jianyi to walk into the bathroom,She moved quickly to pack her things,Then smiled and said:“Come out with me,I have something to tell you”
Wang Lin nodded hurriedly,And followed Zhao Hong to the outside。
In the First People’s Hospital at this time,A piece of quiet。Zhao Hong didn’t walk out of the hospital directly,Instead, they walked to the garden behind the inpatient department with Wang Lin。
Zhao Hong stopped,Suddenly turned around,Took a look at Wang Lin,Asked softly:“Do you really love Xia Jian?Do you plan to marry her?”
Zhao Hong asked this question suddenly,Wang Lin couldn’t help but startled,But she quickly recovered,She took a breath and said:“All women,I don’t have to hide anything from you。Xia Jian is really good,Not only i love him,I am not the only woman who loves him,I think you are one of them too!”
“Correct!I love him,He loves me too,It’s a pity that I can only be the woman behind him,Because the Xia family needs a fertile woman to be their daughter-in-law,Unfortunately I don’t have this life”Zhao Hong said it directly,Not shy away。
Wang Lin said in a daze:“I knew you had an affair,But I really don’t know you can’t have children”
“Maybe this is God’s will!you know too,Xia Jian is a man who likes freedom,If it’s not bound by traditional thinking,He won’t get married。So to be her wife, you must learn to tolerate his shortcoming,Otherwise, I really can’t be his wife”Zhao Hong’s words are very clear。


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