At the beginning, Liu Fu gave the Chu Deiren to accompany him from the second place in the second place.“Significance”,That’s already rust,The sword is also uneven——Nine-centered“Injury”,They are all caused by the poisonous power of Ding Chunqiu。

Although most,Chu Deirers have used swords,But it is inevitable to fight with the other’s poisonous enthusiasm.。
Even more than just the sword in your hand,Chu Deirers,Also poisoned,Especially after the palm of the palm,Chu Deirers are now black,only“Zhu Yuzhen”and“Ice”Alternately,“Ice”Toxic to the heart,“Zhu Yuzhen”Concentrated,Toxicity will be toxic!
After the first time,Chu Deirers also help Murong Jiu suck——Compared to Zhu Yingki,Chu Deirers directly“Stolen Danjin”Cooperate“Ice”,Can suck toxicity for others,Unless poisoned too deep,Otherwise you don’t need to use your mouth.!
A virus corpse has been killed in this time.,After all, it is active in the activity.,As long as it is broken, the limb or destroy its meridians,And make them back“Poison and dead bodies”。
But the people present in the rivers and lakes,At this time, there are also poisonies.。
It has been poisoned,Other rescue,Xue Muhua Su Xinghe is also full of help——Su Xinghe’s medical skills,Although it is not a disciple who specializes in this,But also very high!
And see Chu Deiren to help Murongjiu detoxification,Plus……Just just killed Ding Chunqiu himself,I haven’t been changed,I also understand that Chu is too old, it is undoubtedly!
Many people also open for help,After all, the Chu Deirers will feel good at the name of the reputation.,Can be named in the middle,Usually“Ridge spine”Live,For most people,I have no bags to open to him.。
“Allocate,Today we join hands,In addition to this harm to the rivers and lakes,Chu, thank you first.……Ding Chunqiu, his ghosts are quite,No number of abundance!No poisonous,Be careful to burn those poisonies,Don’t touch it directly,Other poisoned same portions,Can also support,First find Xue Shen medical treatment,The situation is critical and coming again.!”
Chu Deman opens the present——Ding Chunqiu is dead,But with Ding Chunqiu“War”But it hasn’t ended yet。
Xue Muhua was originally stinky,Just now Ding Chunqiu, this teacher is dead.,Hard mood is good,and……Present,Some can be said to be implicated in the inner fighting of Xiaoyao.,Therefore, he also presses the temper.,Rare does not look at the patient’s face。
Chu Deirers don’t have to say,Even if he herself emphasizes“Ridge spine”,Everyone impressed is deeper too“Red and white”!
Therefore, there is a group of groups,Although it is an urgent person to poison,But I don’t see too much panic.,The first use of Xue Muhua to prepare the anti-poison medicine with Xue Muhua,To relieve poison,Waiting for the method of acupuncture and massage in Xue Muhua,Pull toxin。
Have already arrived,I will go to the Chu Deirers immediately.——use“Zhu Yuzhen”“Ice”Detoxification,More faster,And even if you are poisonous,Also able to solve。
Just Zhu Yuzhen,I can’t help others detoxification,Intend“Ice”,But you can poison others,Absored to yourself,After the crack。
“Two brother!This old is also poisoned.。”Duan Yu reminded a sentence,He still doesn’t understand why,This old poison is very deep.,But don’t find the opening of the second brother.。
“Click one’s tongue,Isn’t this a Situ embarrassment that I have no love??”Chu Deirers have gone to come over。
Situ Berley,I don’t know because it is too deep.,Still because of the ridiculousness of the embassy……
At the beginning of Juxianzhuang,Situ Berley and Qiao Feng Chu deer people have died,Use the Chu Deirers,And your own bowl,It is necessary to drink in advance.。
Young people at this time,Suddenly squatted to the Chu Deirers:“Ask Chu to save me a life,In the future, there is no matter whether Wang Hushan and Chu are old.,I believe in the Si Dynasty.,But there is a life,The knife mountain oil pot is not never!”
Another look of a beautiful young woman,Also follow the worship:“Zeng Duo also remember Chu Tai。”
Chu Deiren heard his mouth,In fact, I didn’t plan to see it.。
“Humph。”Chu Deiren snorted,Whispering:“unlucky,Need two to help me,Then I am going to a lot of molds.?”
Chu Dee people have a very bad way,But still pulled the Situ Berley that has not been moved.。
“Situ old children,I am not with you.,Just my heart is born with a heart,Even if the roadside cat dog,I can save it is also saved.,You must don’t have your own love after your king.。”Chu Deirers said to press hands on him.,Wrap the wine by ice,Smashed the poison,Then in their own body,Use Zhu Yuzhen to resolve。
Chapter 438 why are you laughing
Duan Yu is going to find his big brother,I still want to ridicule A Zhu’s things A Zhu and Qiao Feng’s current relationship.,Duan Yu can come out。
In fact, there are some seedlings.……
And Azi is also one side at this time.,Although I don’t know the specific,But Duan Yu felt that the Chu Deiren has already picked up the brothers and sisters.,I should go see my sister.。
As for a few sisters for no reason,Will not accept?


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