And you are very powerful,Sublope is in the foreigner,You just don’t want to fly,Besides, you have this talent, definitely, you will be flying sooner or later.,Just the length of time。”

In the face of Li Wanqiang,Li Hui is also bitter.。
“Li Dabo,I am a seed,Will point the crop, then you can see some diseases,There is nothing else.,You said this, I really lift me.,And I am coming to find a big brother today.。”
Originally, I want to drink a cup with you.,Since you find Xiao Liang,Then let’s talk first.,I will drink a cup of my table for a while.?”
Seeing Li Wanqiang pointed not far from the location, it is also the biggest table.,Li Hui is a helpless way:“Li Dabo,Would you like or not?,I am not suitable for things on the scene.。”
“fine,Let the little light in the past,Ok, deal,I haven’t grateful to you yet.,When you got it, you will go.。”
Say,Li Wanqiang took the shoulders of Li Hui,I will go directly to Li Bao to sit in the position. The best table.。
Dawn saw Li Wanqiang,It is also a laugh:“Li’s wife can,Can you burn my uncle,You just said that I have something to find,Is it true??”
Li Rong Life:“Affirmative,Li Da Ge, let’s sit down first.,Let’s talk while eating,After all, this thing is definitely difficult for you.。”
“Forehead,you do not say,How do I know that it is not difficult??”
Dawn is a little curious about Li Hui,He doesn’t know what’s actually let yourself be difficult.。
“Hey-hey,I want to ask,Is Li Da Ge and Li Xianer really have to marry??”
“Forehead,It is true that this is true.。”
For this point,Dawn is not holding Li with the wind。
Su Liang is also curious in the side.。
“What is the feeling of Li Faiier??”
“Forehead,Feel very beautiful,Sexy,And very clever after all, Li Jia Tiancai girl,Such a woman is afraid that there is no man who doesn’t like it.。”
Dawn, this is said,Li Hui’s heart is also straightforward.。
But he still laughs:“Then I let Li Brother give up pursuing Li Xianer,Does Li Dadong give up??”
Although Li Hui said with a smile,But I can feel the seriousness of Li Hui Feng clearly.。
“hehe,Li Lai will not like Li Xianer.?”
Dawn, there is some awkward look at Li Hui Feng。
Li Hui Feng, who heard this, and moved his head.:“no,how is this possible?
I am a girlfriend.,It is a good brother who likes Li Xianer.,Or is my old big brother。”
Li Hui Feng, this exit,Dawn is more curious.。
Is Li Xian, like your old brother??”
“If Li Xian doesn’t like,Do you say that I have no meaning?,Right?
Of course, Li Xianer likes him.,I will definitely give up on the face of Li’s face.,After all, Li’s brother’s kindness of our Lefti is enough to let me give up anything.。”
This is a little embarrassing that Li Hui Feng is so embarrassed.。


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