suddenly,An announcement came from the system:“Oscars-Pineapple has been occupiedAstronghold。”

“Fucking,Is the speed of the Oscar team occupying the stronghold so abnormal??”Zhang Song exclaimed。
Team of Flowers5The team members immediately felt a burst of invisible pressure from the strong opponent。
Oscars,Members are from“Golden”Legion,Belongs to a professional team that has long occupied the position of the top four in China“Golden lion”。It can be said that the Oscar team is a youth training team of the Golden Lions.。And the star of the golden lion has“National Service First Sniper”Known as——Azure blue。
The team is full of excellent snipers“Golden lion”tradition of,From this we can see“Dragon fruit”How terrifying is……
Prelude-newborn Chapter Forty-Five Go forward courageously
“Audience friends,The Oscar team relies on the excellent performance of the driver Banana,Take advantage of mobility,Be the first to arrive and occupyApoint!”Missing sauce commentary。
“Rider,Is an extremely important profession in the Gun of Glory,If there is a reliable driver in the team,The speed of the team will be greatly accelerated,Help take the initiative in the game!”Sakata-san commented。
When the Oscar team enteredAPoint3people,After snatching the ammunition resources refreshed in the stronghold,All members of the Flower and Grass team are late,Can only see each other from a distance3After people swept the supplies,Go back with a load and ride in a green jeep。
“President,I have a problem,Why do they have a car?!”A jeep away from Gexiao pointing。
“Because they have drivers in the team!The vehicles in the Gun of Glory are randomly refreshed on the map,The driver’s occupational initial passive talent“Reliable partner”You can start the game to get the coordinates of the closest car,So they can find a car soon,Get an increase in mobility!”Feng Xichuan explained。
“Actually still have professional talent?!”Li Ge laughed suddenly。
“Cough,Do you still need to talk about professional talent??such as,I、Songzi、Anna,And the pineapples on the opposite side broke up suddenly。And the initial passive talent of sudden breakup“Aggressive”You can cut the time occupied by half,Theoretically15Occupancy time,Because of this talent,only need to7.5Can be occupied in seconds。So it can also be understood like this,Our team broke up a lot,Occupy points faster,Playing this picture will have some unexpected effects……”Shunzi explained。
“Anna、President、Zhang Song……We have three assaulters,And there is only one opposite!That’s not a win?”Li Gexiao asked naively。
“That’s not necessarily,The battlefield situation is ever-changing,Every profession has its own advantages and disadvantages,Finally speak with strength。After all,Killing the opponent with a weapon is the most effective way to win!”Shunzi explained。
When Shunzi is stepping up time to make up lessons for Li Gexiao,Erma Pingchuan has begun to alignAPoint three shots,Cao Anna、Zhang Song did not ask much,Immediately follow Erma PingchuanAPoint shot。
“We saw the team of flowers and plants5Get angry,Began to focus fireApoint。And the Oscar team is not eager to challenge,3The famous athlete wisely chose to ride away,They plan toBPoint in the direction!”Sakata-kun explained。


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