Effective freckle sun protection and whitening is the key_1

Effective freckle sun protection and whitening is the key

In summer, the sun is strong, and it is the season when spots are most likely to appear.

How to prevent freckle?

Summer sun protection is the key.

Below, Xiaobian will help you to remove freckle easily and have white and flawless skin.

  Where does sunburn come from?

First of all, as the name suggests, due to intense sun exposure or subcutaneous pigment cells being stimulated, they become very active and secrete a large amount of melanin.

If normal repair is restored after suffering from epithelial tissue sunburn, these melanin will be difficult to be discharged normally, and gradually deposited on the dermis layer, eventually forming sunburn.

Of course, this is also related to each person’s metabolism.

In general, older people are more prone to sunburn than younger people.

  In addition, improper use of skin care products and makeup will also accelerate the formation of sunburn.

Some skin care products contain too much light-absorbing ingredients such as perfume, lead, mercury, etc. If you use it for a long time, you will be exposed to sun and easily produce sunburn.

In addition, some MMs use salicylic acid products to remove acne, control oil or whitening, and exfoliate too much. The skin becomes fragile and sensitive.
  The sunburn starts out as a red oval, and some may be slightly prominent.

A few days later, it turned into irregular plaques of different sizes and shades.

Sunburn occurs on facial oxidants, on the back of the hands, on the upper and lower extremities.

Moreover, relatively speaking, the sunburn on the face is more obvious.

  In order to keep the skin white and shiny, you should prevent sunburn especially in summer.

No doubt, the most important thing is of course sun protection.

Although it is all year round, indoor and outdoor (indoor light sources will also affect the skin), there is homework that needs to be done.

However, in the summer, it is necessary to apply sun protection, including sun protection products. The sun protection index should not be low, preferably around SPF30; if you need to go out or exposed to the sun, apply sunscreen every few hours, it is best to bring a sun umbrella, Visor, etc .; do skin repair in time after sun exposure, calming care.

  Vitamins can help prevent and lighten sunburn, and can not do without oral or external use.

Vitamin c and vitamin e can completely inhibit melanin production and deposition.

By oral vitamins, often drinking lemon tea with vitamin c, and vitamin e into the mask can effectively whiten the spots.

  Laser treatment for freckle formation If you want to completely eliminate the sunburn, you can directly perform laser skin treatment.

The wavelengths emitted by the laser are basically absorbed by the melanin particles in the skin, causing the melanin particles to burst and decompose.

The melanin particles are mainly present in melanocytes, so the wavelength of the laser light is rarely absorbed by other parts of the skin tissue, and it usually does not cause damage to the skin while freckle.

Laser freckle treatment time is about 10 minutes each time. After treatment, daily skin care and makeup can be performed as usual, and it will not affect normal life and work, let alone the recovery period, and there will be no adverse reactions or replacements.

Generally effective after 3-5 treatments.

  Laser freckle repair At professional medical skin care institutions, laser freckle removal and freckle removal have individualized solutions.

According to the size of the sunburn, the depth, the skin type of each person, choose the appropriate treatment method, the laser wavelength pulse width, and the interval between single treatments.

If necessary, it will be accompanied by auxiliary treatments such as mask conditioning.

After laser freckle treatment, as the skin undergoes restructuring instantly, it will become dry and tight. Moisturizing and sun protection care should be strengthened; the skin may have scalding and swelling after treatment, which is a normal reaction and will soon fade away.

In severe cases, cold compresses can be used; do not use skin care products containing irritating ingredients such as salicylic acid, fruit acid, alcohol, etc. for several days after laser treatment.

  Sunburn Spots Tips It is really difficult to completely remove sunburns through freckle creams, whitening masks, and other lifestyle and beauty methods.

There are too many “exfoliation and freckle removal” in the market, which may have a significant effect in a short time, but this way will only damage the skin tissue and damage the sebum film.

The skin’s immunity and health are weakened. It is more likely to produce sunburn or other effects when it encounters external influences such as sun exposure.

  The formation of sunburn is closely related to body function.

Reasonable diet and rest habits help regulate endocrine function.At the same time, ensure proper exercise, or massage, push the lymph, promote blood circulation and metabolism, promote the metabolism and excretion of melanin in the skin tissue, and restore skin fairness through the prevention and lightening effect of sunburn.


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