Fictional general health base set up a trap of public security organs to crack mega-health products fraud case

Fictional general health base set up a trap of public security organs to crack mega-health products fraud case

“More than 30 bottles of this kind of medicine, the banknotes cost more than 13,000 pieces, and there is no effect at all.

When Mr. Wu, 81, handed a red-yellow-coated health care product bottle to the “Legal Daily” reporter, his hand trembled badly.

On October 13, the reporter walked into the home of Mr. Wu, the victim of the “3·16”

Mr. Wu is a retired teacher of a college in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. He has lived in the high-altitude old house of the school in the 1980s. He has a simple furnishings but a pile of health products.

In March of this year, he discovered that Mr. Wu, who had been deceived, went to the police station to report the case.

The Police Monitoring Team of the Changzhou Public Security Bureau’s Anti-Criminal Intelligence Command Center found that many elderly people reported the same case when they sorted out the daily criminal police situation in the city.

After the case was reported, the public security organ of Jiangsu Province immediately organized the “Lijian No. 3” project. The Changzhou Public Security Bureau passed the investigation of more than three months and found that Nanjing Biotech Co., Ltd. was suspected to be implemented in several provinces (cities) across the country.Health products fraud fraud.

Recently, in accordance with the unified command and deployment of the Ministry of Public Security, in cooperation with public security organs in Anhui, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Sichuan and other places, the Jiangsu Public Security Bureau dispatched more than 1,400 police officers, destroying a corporate-run health product fraud fraud group.38 illegal sales platforms were lost, 638 criminal suspects were arrested, and fines of more than 30 million yuan were seized.

The fictional general health base set up a trap in Changzhou, Xiangyang. Just over three months ago, in the hotel next to the scenic spot, there were many people in the army wearing military uniforms and wearing military caps.

Mr. Wu is also one of them.

“I have no other hobbies other than travel and health.

He recalled that at the time, an organization known as the “Love and Helping Old Health Engineering Working Committee” invited the elderly to the so-called “General Health Base” to participate in the activities free of charge in the name of free travel.

The “Love and Helping Old Health Engineering Working Committee” told the old people that the “General Health Base” was used exclusively for the old generals to protect their health, and is now free to the public.

Under their arrangement, more than 100 senior citizens from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and other places opened a party in the “General Health Base” and sang a red song.

Then the next series of “health knowledge lectures” gradually led the old people to the depths of the scam.

In just three months, tens of thousands of elderly people in Jiangsu Province were defrauded, and the funds involved amounted to tens of millions of yuan.

“There is consumption capacity, history of taking health care products, chronic diseases, autonomy, no child opposition and financial burden. This is the so-called ‘four things without.’

Lu Qinqin, deputy detachment of the Interpol Detachment of Changzhou Public Security Bureau, told reporters that in the process of laying a scam, criminals used the method of distributing leaflets and distributing gifts free of charge, tempting to deal with the “love and help welfare card”, to find out, and to meet the relevant requirements.The elderly, in the name of “love to help the elderly health engineering work committee” and “free travel” as fraud, with qualified seniors to go to the local sales platform, in the hotel by the counterfeit “medical experts”,The platform clerk implements specific fraud fraud.

“Medical experts” and “advanced equipment” come together. “I originally wanted to test civil servants. I have been reading for books. I have been involved in crimes and went to jail.

Even if I come out again after the test, the political review will not pass.

I can’t test it completely. I am appointed to join the army. I can’t do a civil service. I have finished this life.

At the Changzhou Detention Center, the reporter saw the platform salesman in the criminal gang, the 27-year-old criminal suspect.

She has long had no slogan in the film and television materials, and she talked about her posture.

According to the statement, each “base” has set up several positions, with a strict organizational structure and members who perform their duties.

In the criminal network, Mu is playing the role of taking the victim’s physical illness and economic ability information, and the information he has taken is to forge a test report that is more easily believed by the victim.

When the “health knowledge lecture” pushed the atmosphere to the climax, the “medical experts” with various titles on the top of the head appeared one after another. Through the “diagnosis” of the high-tech equipment they carried, the victims were considered to be highly likely to suffer.Heart and brain blood vessels, tumors and other diseases.

“Medical experts” immediately launched “Chengtai Tongkang”, “Shouzhibao 5A oral immunoglobulin”, “film 365” and other “medicine for the central head of the drug.”

Opposite the iron window, the reporter saw a “medical expert” like this.

“The company has a complete lecture process that requires me to impersonate the chief expert of the Chinese veteran military health center. The “test report” called by the handling machine is used to take medicine for the elderly who come to the lecture.

“The academic qualification is only a junior high school graduate, and the criminal suspect who does not have the qualification for practicing medicine, said frankly that the cost of the health care products he sells is only 10 yuan to 16 yuan per bottle, and there is no health care function, but the maximum is nearly 400 yuan.

Exaggerating the treatment effect and extracting huge profits from it are obvious frauds.

Yang Xiaoqing, deputy head of the Criminal Police Brigade of the Anning Branch of the Changzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, said that the “General Health Base” was fictitious, and the “Love and Old Health Project Committee” also belonged to an illegal social organization that was not registered in the civil affairs department.

Although the health products such as “Guotai Tongkang” are legal health products that have received approvals, the test found that there is a problem of excessive E. coli, which is a substandard product.

All the criminal gangs fell into the French Open. After fully understanding the structure of the criminal organization, the flow of funds, the process of committing crimes, and the basic facts of crime, the Changzhou Public Security Bureau timely formulated the “3·16” project action plan, and transferred the Fuyang, Jintan, Wujin, and TiantianNingsi Branch and related departments have nearly 1,300 police officers, and 15 arrested parts have been sent to Nanjing, Fuyang, Jintan and other places.

In view of the wide geographical collection and the complicated and varied conditions, the company has established a strict arrest plan with the assistance of the arresting police to ensure that the arrest operation is foolproof.

At 10 o’clock on June 21, 15 arrested groups under the unified command of the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department, simultaneously launched the action of the chief corps of the criminal gang, Chen Taotao and dozens of employees, and seized advertisements on the spot.Financial statements, company products, testing instruments, video materials and other important evidence items, searched and seized more than 17 million yuan in cash, and frozen nearly 100 million yuan in assets involved.

In order to completely destroy the criminal group network, the public security organs of Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Sichuan provinces under the command of the Ministry of Public Security continued to dig deep into the case and arrested a total of 638 suspects.

After that, a total of 38 illegal sales platforms set up by the fraud criminal group were destroyed, more than 200 illegal dealers were investigated, and more than 30 million yuan of compensation was paid.At present, the case is still under further investigation.

“In the future, we will continue to increase our efforts to crack down on the fraud of health products and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly.

Chen Shiqu, deputy director of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, said that there are many high-risk crimes against health care products for the elderly. Criminal gangs operate in a corporatized mode. They exaggerate the effects of fictional health products, and use high-tech products and charity welfare projects.Deceive the elderly, the criminal means are deceptive and harmful.

The public security organs will continue to attack hard, crack down on crimes of health product fraud and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly.

At the same time, remind the majority of the elderly to enhance the anti-fraud awareness, do not believe in “free medical examination” or “special effects products” and other false health care products, tightly “money bags”, keep a good “endowment money”, do not be deceived.

(Reporter Dong Fanchao Rosasa Cartography / Li Xiaojun) Source: Legal Daily


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