Beijing: Global Resort Today Restarts Internal Stress Test

Original title: Global Resort Today, the internal pressure test Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Beijing Global Resort that the pressure internal testing from the epidemic interruption will be started again today.

The on-site pressure test of this open will include Beijing Global Studios Theme Park, Beijing Global City Avenue and Two Resort – Global Studios Hotel and Novoli Resort.

Beijing Global Resort revealed that as the current Beijing new crown epidemic prevention situation is gradually tended to be stable, the park will continue to advance the internal pressure test in an orderly manner.

From August 20th, Beijing Global Resort will mainly give support and contributions to some partners, and their families in the project construction in the process construction process.

Previously, all kinds of ticket sales of "Global Studios" flags have been repeatedly appeared on some social media and platforms, and the public is really false.

In this regard, Beiqing reporter learned to Beijing Global Resort, I learned that the internal pressure test phase of Beijing Global Resort is not sold to the public, and the so-called "experience ticket", "internal ticket" or "pre-sale ticket" is not available. Official selling, existence of fraudulent risks, please invite consumers to be vigilant to avoid losses.

In response to the false information of the so-called Beijing Global Resort’s internal pressure test tickets to consumers, Beijing Global Resort will cooperate with relevant departments and coordinate related platforms to process such illegal behavior. (Editor: Li Yihuan, Xiong Xu) Share let more people see the recommended reading.


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