Beiliu Fengcun issued an annual scholarship to help 40 people award-winning

On August 24th, the Bohang City, the Northang Mong’an Town Fengcun Village, the Village Education Foundation jointly held the "2021 Feng Village Education Fund Awards Gala", awarded awarded by the graduate, university and demonstration high school students this year. After reading and reading the university or high school of the university or high school, he has awarded a fund, and the cultivation of Fengcun student is to study the materials.

It is understood that Feng Village is a high school entrance examination this year.

40 people have received 40 awards in the village, and they have issued a streamlined scholarship and aid for 4,6100 yuan.

Among them, 1 master’s degree, awarded a prize; 6 new students, 1,000 yuan per person; two new universities, 800 yuan per person; 6 people in the district, 600 yuan per person . In addition, 8 excellent students from this year’s adults have gained scholarships. 15 were read or new this year, and the high school is getting ridiculous, including 7 college students, 8 high school students, cumulative distribution assistance gold 11800 Yuan; the four excellent teachers in Fengcun Primary School got a reward, and the bonuses were 500 yuan. (Yang Guangdeng Liangqi) (Editor: Li Minjun, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.


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