Simple test to measure personality charm

Simple test to measure personality charm

Want to know where your unique charm lies?

Want to know what attracts them to the opposite sex?

Everyone is a unique individual, knowing yourself fully is a substitute for fully displaying your beauty.

Do this little test carefully and discover your character charm.

Get started now.

  1. If others point out your fault in public, will you admit it?

  A, yes, as long as you are really wrong—turn 3 B, no, lose your face—turn 2 2. If you want to buy a laptop and face the following two options, which one do you choose?

  A, beautiful style, average performance, it is enough anyway-turn 4 B, ordinary style, powerful performance, speed is more important than appearance-turn 3 3, when someone says that a male is sexy, your first reactionis his?

  A, handsome face-turn 5 B, developed muscles-turn 4 4, someone introduced you to a man with good conditions in all aspects, that is, younger than you, will his age become a deduction factor?

  A, yes, immature men are troublesome—turn 6 B, no, as long as people are good—turn 5 5. Regarding “females are more vulnerable than men in relationships”, do you think: A, it makes sense that men needTake care of a woman—turn 7 B, not quite right, a woman can be stronger than a man—turn 6 6. If a close friend tells you that she does n’t have a boyfriend but has a fixed sexual partner, what would you think?

  A, I really envy her, life is full-turn 8 B, really sympathize with her, no man wants to love her-turn 7 7, the man you don’t think shaves often: A, very shy, very lazy-turn 9 B, verySexy and cool—turn 8 to 8. After washing, where would you dry your underwear?

  A, a place with plenty of sunshine—turn 10 B, a place hard for others to see—turn 9 9. What kind of image do you want yourself to get old?

  A, a woman with a smooth skin and elegant manners — turn 11 B, a strong, successful business woman — turn 10 10, cut your hair, would you choose a hairdresser?

  A, the handsome young one, seductive and fashionable-turn 12 B, the older, the ordinary image, the more experienced-to 11 11, remember the girlhood, which stars make you more emotional?

  A, singer or movie star-turn 13 B, sports star-turn 12 12, go to the studio to take art photos and find that the photos are not good, what would you do?

  A, let them remake—turn 14 B, just do n’t buy their films—turn 13 13. Do you have a lot of verbal plans, but you ca n’t realize them?

  A, yes, dreams are always higher than reality-turn 15 B, no, reality and dreams should go on simultaneously-turn 14 14.

If you can have a magical mana, which one do you choose?

  A, seeing through the hearts of others—turn 16 B, the ability to travel through time—turn 15 15. How do men make love and move you more?

  A, confess to you in public—turn 17 B, and quietly send you a bunch of unsigned roses—turn 16 16. Do you think the men you know on the blind date are reliable?

  A, it ‘s also reliable. If not so many people try it — turn 18 B, it ‘s definitely not reliable, and the text is very deceptive — turn 17 17. What would you do with a rich middle-aged male blind date?dress up myself?

  A, try to dress youthfully, fashionable, and show the charm of youth—turn to 18 B, be more beautiful, be simple, and don’t let the other party be stressed—Type A 18, convene intensive classmates party, will you become an organizer?

  A, definitely — type B B, no, wait for others to organize — turn 19 19, a little black dress, what accessories is better?

  A, pink silk scarf—type C B, white necklace—turn 20 20, talk to her boyfriend about work troubles, he actually cried, what would you do?

  A,摸他的头,轻轻地安慰他—类型D B,拉住他的手,和他一起哭—类型E发现你的性格魅力类型A:你是知书达理,行为优雅的好女人“知性”是Your charm shines.

You are like a cup of hot tea. When you start drinking, others will not pay too much attention, and you will taste your fragrance afterwards.

As long as you show your sane, calm, and tepid side in front of your favorite man, trying to fight “protracted war”, as time goes by, he will notice you and start offensive against you!

  Type B: You have a passionate personality, a sunny image, and a cool woman. “Dashy” is your glamour.

You are like a ray of afternoon sun. As long as it hits a man’s head, it will be difficult to forget.

In front of him, you must try to maintain this sunny image, so that he realizes your optimism and openness, think about it, who would not actively pursue a woman who can bring himself a happy feeling?

  Type C: You have an outstanding image and a strong femininity. In the eyes of men, “sexy” or “seductive” often becomes your synonym.

Every time you meet him, try to dress up as delicately and elegantly as possible, so that he can feel the unstoppable feminine charm that radiates from you!

A man is a visual animal. As long as he makes his senses happy, he will actively pursue you without your actions!

  Type D: You have a strong motherhood. You like the feeling of caring for men by your side. Men also feel safe. “Thoughtful” and “motherhood” are your charms.

Don’t forget, no matter how successful a man is, there is a mother, and every man will be attached to this feeling of motherhood.

When approaching him, try to speak softly, slow down, and let him notice your tenderness and love, which is the deadliest attraction to him!

  Type E: In the eyes of a man, you are naive and innocent, and you will always have the urge to protect you. Your tears and sorrow make it difficult for a man to fight. Your smile and happiness will quickly infect people around you.

Every man likes women like girls so that they can make the most of their “big man” advantages.It is recommended that you show moderation in front of him, so that he has the feeling and desire to protect you and pursue you!


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