Shandong introduction of self-Teacher Title Employment Measures for the Administration to ensure that access is maintained with the autonomy to put it down well

Original title: the introduction of Shandong Teachers’ Professional Titles university independent management approach to ensure access is maintained with the autonomy to put it down well ◆ by the university in the number of jobs approved, the development of self-Employment program, self-organized competition for employment, to achieve a title review the first condition and post employment ◆ attention to the organic unity of diverse evaluation, as an autonomous evaluation and ethics performance, outstanding teaching ability, teaching effectiveness, job performance contribution ◆ innovative talent appraisal standards overseas, overseas performance achieved as employment ◆ journal of reference for both domestic and foreign, high-level academic conference papers, reports should be treated equally, without discrimination recently, the provincial Department of human resources Social Security Department, the provincial Department of Education jointly issued "Shandong Universities teachers’ Professional Employment for self-management" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations"). Today (29), the provincial government Information Office held a press conference briefing on "management approach." It is understood that, in 2015, Shandong Province in the country take the lead in decentralization title appraisal right university teachers, a great mobilization "initiative of both the" High School and teachers, summing up the basis of independent practice of Teacher Employment Universities of Shandong Province in recent years, aiming new situations and new problems, Shandong Province to further deepen the reform, to ensure that employees’ right to let go, then maintained, used well. According to the provincial Human Resources Social Security Department Deputy Director Zhou Chunyan, the "management approach" is divided into six chapters 22, defined the basic content titles Employment for independent colleges and universities in Shandong Province, the basic principles of Employment for basic standards and other content, with strong innovative and maneuverability. Title protection system design autonomy ‘titles is "management approach" a large core.

"Management Measures" fully clarify the responsibilities of the border between universities and government departments, colleges and universities to determine the standards, Employment agencies set up, the autonomy of all organizations working Employment Employment, publicity, etc., from the system to protect the employees’ right to college.

Meanwhile, the university is the responsibility of the main independent Evaluation and Employment by the universities in the number of approved jobs, develop self-Employment program, self-organized competition for employment, to achieve the organic unity of title appraisal and post employment. At the same time, colleges and universities for the protection of human autonomy, Employment results are valid only in the unit, flow to other units of the university teachers, need to re-evaluate or confirm.

Get rid of "Four only" tendencies, innovation Titles Evaluation Standard of University.

"Management Measures" pay attention to diverse evaluation, performance ethics as a prerequisite for the Evaluation of independent, outstanding teaching ability, teaching effectiveness, contribution to job performance, increase technological innovation, invention patents, the transformation, technology promotion, standards development, decision-making consultation right evaluation of public services and other heavy.

At the same time, adopt a "multi-dimensional" evaluation method, basic scientific research, to carry out qualitative evaluation of peer review instead of quantitative assessment to "full-cycle assessment of scientific research" instead of a regular evaluation of the results of the evaluation are encouraged to pursue a representative, to encourage university teachers’ years sword. "

Innovative Employment Standards overseas talent, achievements made overseas can be used as reference for the Evaluation. Innovation evaluation for college talent, the establishment of key talents green channel, breaking the evaluation of university students "step by step to climb stairs," allowing leapfrog reporting, Employment. At the same time, experts recommend to explore the implementation of the system, multiple evaluation of talent. Use of indicators in terms of academic, Director of Provincial Department of Education teachers Maxi Jun specifically mentioned in the Teachers’ Professional Titles process, the number of papers published and citations, journal impact factor as an evaluation reference only, not to SCI ( Science Citation index), SSCI (Social Science Citation index) and other papers related indicators as a pre-condition and determine the direct basis. Universities must be practical to establish a high level of Journals various disciplines and high-level academic conference directory. Of journals at home and abroad, high-level academic conference papers, reports should be treated equally, without discrimination.

Prevent "black-box" clearly Employment agencies and responsibilities.

"Management approach" focused prevent the "small number of people have the final say" and other issues, competition for employment requires colleges and universities set up a leading group, set up Titles Evaluation Committee, responsible for organization and leadership Title Evaluation.

At the same time, allowing the independent Evaluation and universities can not take joint evaluation commissioned evaluation evaluation methods. For "non-standard operations" and strictly implement Employment work program. "Management approach" to establish a post published information began to appointment to the end of Titles Evaluation complete closed-loop, to achieve a scientific and standardized procedures to manage people, work and Employment. Director of professional and technical personnel management at the Social Security Office of Human Resources Province Zhong Jianjun said, "management approach" to strengthen the overall title ‘titles do in ex post regulation, and severely punish secret operations, the person Shegang and other irregularities, the file must be kept for Employment at least 10 years, ensuring full traceability. Employment of persons responsible for serious violations of policy and fraud, malpractice, will be severely punished, constitutes a crime, they will be held liable.

And severely punish violations of university autonomy Employment policies for poor organization, strict, procedures are not standardized, resulting in more complaints, more controversial college, education, social sectors and the competent departments colleges and universities will be given a warning and ordered deadline for correction .

Shandong this year will draw 32 provincial undergraduate institutions to conduct audits. (Zhang Chunxiao) (Editor: Nie Jun dome, Xingman Hua) share to allow more people to see the recommended reading.


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